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    Opinions on what Xsyon will be like on 1st day of Steam release

    Hey all,
    Just a bit of fun knowing what everyone is thinking about steam release.

    I'm imagining lot's of players flooding the spawns, global going wild. I can imagine a lot of players coming for the pvp aspect and a lot of pvp tribes will be set up and recruiting.

    What are your opinions on what Xsyon will be like when it is released on steam?

    Kind regards,
    - The Valorinak Republic

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    To be honest i dont expect it ever to be on steam.
    Have you seen any recent development ???
    Xsyon hasn't communicated anything about new developments, its a complete silence.
    And if it ever happens i expect it to be like te last time when this game was hyped ( i was there)
    Poeple will start playing mes up the land and relations and be disappointed with the lacking content and leave behind their mess.
    We have to realize there is only a small public interested in this kind of games and there are many games out there fishing in the same pool and many more coming.
    And of the new games coming there are a few which have more features as Xsyon.
    Don't get me wrong i still love Xsyon but i take my breaks too as i get bored, which i am atm.
    But i just hope i am being negative and the reality will be different.


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    I disagree that there is a small public interested in this kind of game.
    I believe millions of people are wanting to play this type of game. That is not small by any stretch. What we have are many issues.

    1)Indy game devs
    2)Content/Features are lacking
    3)Low advertizing / public awareness / poor release word of mouth
    4)PVP only server with little option for PVE

    These things are making it so people look at the game for a little bit and pass right over it. However, if they were to make these things better, you will see lots of people coming into this game.

    When this game first started you saw that there were 1000s of people playing it, with little public awareness. With the release of steam it could change the #3 factor but you still have the other 3 being major issues.
    Couple that with a poor tutorial and incentive to do things in game and people will quit right away, and word of mouth will get much worse.

    To the OP,
    This game is no where near ready to have 100s of people playing let alone 1000s of people. I highly doubt the servers could even handle more than 750 people at once logged in.
    I agree that many will come for the PVP because it's the only option, however, they are likely to quit quickly due to the fact this game is not built or supporting PVP in anyway shape for form. Combat is broke, no PVP incentives, no siege system, no rep system, no punishment system, safe areas anywhere anytime, desync, no healing, no res, 1 to 3min respawn load times, long travel times etc.

    I doubt Xsyon even thinks about releasing this on steam before some of these issues are fixed, like a tutorial system, and healing system.

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    Thats the thing. I haven't seen such little lack of communication in since launch.

    Either something has happened to Jordi or he literally is working on the largest patch ever and doesn't want to release any info or test servers with any substantially important content

    If he hasn't even started on the tutorial yet, you can kiss this game goodbye. Do you think Steam just allows a greenlight forever? You have to put your game up within a certain time frame or they will remove the green light.

    I mean, that should be priority #1. Tutorial and keeping the community active via ACTUALLY COMMUNICATING WITH THE COMMUNITY. WTF happened to the weekly "ask jordi a question"

    To me it seems like this is no longer Jordi's prio #1. Just a side project. He has a family to start now. Basically impossible to both a) start a family and actually spend time time with your family and b) spend 12 hours a day coding


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    I for on just think Jordi is a little anal.

    There are many skilled developers out there willing to work for free, yet Jordi won't even utilize them for free lance work.

    This isn't minecraft. It can't be developed by one person. At least not in a reasonable amount of time

    IE before the game is massively outdated, you may one day finish your game or get it to a state where people don't get bored in a few days.

    I for one won't be playing it in 2025, theres no doubt about that


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    Jordi posted here (no idea why he placed the information here ...)
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    all his posts are in the news section

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorCalGooey View Post
    I for on just think Jordi is a little anal.

    There are many skilled developers out there willing to work for free, yet Jordi won't even utilize them for free lance work.

    This isn't minecraft. It can't be developed by one person. At least not in a reasonable amount of time
    I can see huge problems coordinating a crew of freelance programmers working on a project like this. I'm pretty sure Jordi does too

    Minecraft (Mojang AB) is a company of 23 people. I really don't know where you got the idea of it being a one man show.

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    Hello everyone,

    Jordi does regular posts on the blog, which is located in the news section here: News This is the same link that the news button at the top of the website will take you to.

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    everyone will complain about the FOV

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