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    Greetings from Serenata

    Hi all
    I'm getting to know you all now so thought I should introduce myself properly.
    Serenata is the name I use in MMOs, chiefly WoW, and is the name I am comfortable being known by. You can call me Sen if you prefer.
    I live in the South East of England and have two adult children, both married. We keep pet rats that now have the role of our furry children and entertain us.
    After 2 weeks in Xsyon I can say that I've found the lack of pressure from quests and endless dailies quite refreshing. Yes, you can grind skills if you choose, but I prefer to play as if it were real and upskill as I need things in a slower and more natural way.
    I have found a great little community here - Kethinon has made me feel very welcome and wanted, without any pressure, and I really want to help build our community both physically and psychologically. Others, such as Mookie, MrDDT, ZaDoctor and Doomstres (there are more but I can't mention everyone) have added to my sense of community and are always ready to help and advise.
    I may not talk a lot in chat, or come on TS3 often, but I watch and learn - thank you everyone.
    I look forward to exploring this new world a little more and maybe, just maybe, surviving to the next phase of the apocalypse!!

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    Welcome to Xsyon. Glad to have players like you Serenata, and if Kethinon doesn't treat you well, we will cane him!

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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