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    Questions For The Developers - 01/26/2014 - 02/26/2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon
    Some players have been asking about the upcoming systems. I will take some time this coming week to post more details about what to expect with the terrain reversion, farming and cooking.
    You posted this over a week ago in your blog post/updates area. Can we get an update/information you said would give in this coming week (over a week ago)?
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    Questions For The Developer

    I have noticed when it rains in game we get an uncomfort count down in the top corner of the screen, Are there plans to make this a debuff and will it apply to snow as well, I think it would be cool if your out side in snow it adds a encumbrance Debuff like everything you carry is 10% more to your encumbrance bar.

    Are there any plans to freeze over the lake in the winter season?

    Can there be deposit only setting put on bins, I know many times tribe mates want to leave me stuff but new tribe members may not know its stuff for me and will take it out.

    Are the upcoming farms going to be only placed on tribe lands or can they be built off of the tribe land?
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    Here is one work around for the bin question using existing rules...... The owner of Bin could set permissions to private so that bin cannot be moved except by him.... then adjust the lock to family or friends.... then add you and the other players that understand what that stuff is for .... that way only you and the owner (and other knowledgeable players) could remove stuff from the Bin. Amyone in tribe with proper tribal permissions granted by leader could also break that lock, but, i suspect that those permissions would not be given to new players..... Also Bin naming of "Deposit Only" could help to alleviate the problem..... ;-).

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    Hello everyone,

    I've combined your question threads in to one, this is easier than pouring through multiple threads and it keeps the Dev board clean. You can see past questions customers had that were answered here:

    Please keep this to questions only and refrain from trying to answer other customer questions. (not directed at you xsyoncity, you made the reply to the question before I did this)

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