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    Just bought the game.


    I'm new to this game and am heavily into PvP. I have come from such games as Mortal Online and Care Bear online. A buddy in another game was telling me about players from Xsyon such as Mr BP and Bang? They apparently like to player kill so I will make it my mission in game to take them on after training up my skills.

    See you in game


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    Welcome to Xsyon.

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    Welcome...i spent a good amount of time in Mortal Online as well. Wonder if we crossed paths during out time there.

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    lol, you guys are no fun... It's Wazcool...I made an alt and couldn't resist to post this as a joke....Mr BP= Mr DDT .....come on.... carebear online? lol well it made me chuckle anyway! I do have a weird sense of humour Anticules my characters in MO were "horse" and "Bigfists"

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