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    Update on latest Build!

    Greetings Xsyon community.

    The following information was provided to me by Jordi.

    The new patch will be distributed sometime Thursday afternoon. There have been many, many bugs fixed and addressed in the current build as well as many tweaks, improvements and additions.

    Not all things that were planned have made it into this patch mainly due to some animations that were not yet ready and some additions that are quite perfected. Another patch will be released sometime this weekend that will include these things.

    I have received a copy of the Official bugs and Fixes thread that details the issues addressed in the current build as they were presented in the list. This is not a comprehensive list of fixes but it contains most fixes made.

    Official patch notes ans an announcement will be posted by Jordi when the new build goes live and the suggestions thread will be updated with any new additions when I get them, but for now its just the bugs.

    The following list contain bugs that have been fixed. The full list of bugs can be found here;

    Fell into a large hole and upon hitting the side on the way down I froze in the air and couldnt move. Not really a crash but had to relog to fix it.

    When you attack and jump at the same time there is a strange sideward swing animation.

    *If you craft when the connection to the server is being closed, you get your inventory corrupted. Materials being used will turn into boxes with no icons, but can still light up on mouse over. Cant seem to use it or discard it.

    When you terraform up it can cause grass to stick partially off the mound you created

    Any type of string will create Acrylic Twine. So Polyester String will create Acrylic Twine.

    The words Cloth and Fabric seem to be interchangeable for materials. It should either be Cloth or Fabric, not both.

    Wool Fabric is craftable but requires no tools or materials.

    For some reason terraforming down or up now lowers a tile adjacent to you instead of the one you are standing on. Intentional?

    Sometimes Terraforming does the exact opposite to what it is supposed to do, ie will raise when attempting to lower and lower when attemping to raise. tested for sure.

    Trees with no foliage at all suddenly are covered with green leaves when they are cut down. This could be linked with the way the tree disappears for a moment prior to falling, possibly channing tree models?

    *Often when you terraform and water flows in it doesn't always fill properly or reach the correct boundaries.

    Other players sometimes appear to be partially in the ground after they terraform.

    When you terraform grass areas down, the grass does not disappear.

    You can currently create roads underwater.

    When a player terraforms an area the client does not fully update for all players causing some player to temporarily not see the effects.

    When you terraform down and water appears the ground texture remains the same instead of changing to river texture.

    *A player logged in, and had an axe model sticking right through their chest. They couldnt gather or perform any other regular actions.

    Player holds weapons in a manner that causes them to go through their head when in combat mode.

    Weapons and equipped objects positioned and angled strangely on the players body. Example a players axe going through their leg.

    Some issues with female meshes

    When you have no shirt on and you run a small gap can be seen between your torso and waist/pants.

    ***Sometimes when you jump it causes your character to start moving in a direction and there is nothing you can do about it, and then sometimes you just randomyl stop and can move again.

    The speed bonus for being on the road only works if you start running while already on the road, likewise it will keep the bonus after moving off the road so long as you dont stop.

    When you are swimming in deep water and hold down the following [Shift + W + A or D] you start walking slowly on the surface of the water instead of swimming.

    The Impenitrable mist does not kill the player.

    left strafe animation is not working for female characters.

    The collision box for the upper potions of trees do not properly reflect the geometry of the tree. as you walk along a felled tree your legs will go partially into the tree as you get toward the top and the colision box ends before the end of the physical tree.

    *On your screen the jump animation of OTHER players causes them to look as if they are warping around and glitching.

    Sometimes when you attempt to jump onto felled tree it causes your character to slide off the side, whereas other felled trees can be climbed upon.

    When you jump toward a tree stump at just the right distance that you cant land on top of it, you will either get stuck in the air right next to the stump for a short period before falling back to the ground or you will land in the tree stumps collision box allowing you walk through it.

    *Unsure as to what causes this bug, but sometimes when you are moving you lose control of your character and you will continue to move in the direction you were going no matter what direction you face, this happens until you hit a wall at which time you regain control.

    *Sometimes when jumping you randomly freeze in the air, and need to re-log to fix it.

    When auto running and you start and action your character will stop do do the action but the running sounds will continue to play.

    *When you quickly tap the space bar when moving up a hill you are able to "Chain Jump" and move at great speed up the slope.

    When you set the music volume to zero then change one of the other sound levels music starts playing at 10 volume, despite still being at zero. If you change it to one the music then drops back down to one volume and back to being off when you go to zero again.

    When running (not walking side ways or backward footstep sounds do not play.

    Randomly while running a strange "Hollow wood" sound can be heard amongst the running sound effects. (Turns out this isnt fixed.

    *When creating charcter name the text box does not loose focus, so if you were to change another field then hit a key that letter would appear in the name text box

    Upon clicking the "Check Name" button to test the names availability of your character name you are no longer able to change/add your characters name unless you exit and remake the character.

    As you can see its quite an impressive list of bug fixes and this list doesn't even include additions and improvements. Which include new animations for combat, a overhaul of the terraforming code and how terraforming interacts with water and improvements to jumping.

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    Re: Update on latest Build!

    Thanks for the update, yay for new information

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Finally, I can reply with something other than, there is no news :blink:

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Good work on hunting down all those bugs!

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Great news, it's my bday don't think it could any better now.

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Good work. I can't wait to see the new combat tweaks.

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Good news! Can't wait to get back in and try things out!

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    Good news? Yes. Great news? THE SERVERS ARE UP!!! Are they are they!? when? when? when? :-P

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    dragonstripes wrote:
    Good news? Yes. Great news? THE SERVERS ARE UP!!! Are they are they!? when? when? when? :-P
    Is the patch already in?

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    Re:Update on latest Build!

    No... :-( I'm just anxiously waiting and jumping the gun lol.

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