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    Xsyon's Future Question

    Hi so I have recently sorted my PC out for that Xsyon should actually run properly hah.

    Just curious though before I put down money for Premium, the way the 'dev updates' are phrased makes it sound like they are going to bring out farming and cooking, polish the game a little and then kindof leave it while doing a few bug fixes now and then.

    Is that the case or is the plan to continue adding new features like other MMO's?

    Just want to know before I put down premium, if im paying for a non-longterm experience.


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    I believe this is the most current plan.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon
    With today's update I'd like to mention a few things and outline our plans for the next few weeks.

    First, one of the most noticeable changes with today's update is the switch to a single currency system with dollar bills as the currency. Unused currencies have been converted to dollars. This increases the amount of a single currency and keeping this in mind, upkeep prices will be increased after we gather additional data.

    This patch focused on bug fixes and optimizations as I'd like to get these things out of the way before continuing to add features.

    If you encounter any new problems with today's update please post them in the feedback thread here

    Over the next few weeks the focus will continue on bug fixes and minor changes but also a revised character creation system and a tutorial system will be added to the game. The goal is to better welcome and inform new players and get them involved.

    The terrain reversion system will also be tested over the next two weeks and if all is working well it will be patched out.

    Once the tutorial system is in place, we'll be ready to launch the second server, a PvE server. Several server will be required for a launch on Steam and preparing this server is a big step towards that launch.

    Farming and cooking will resume after the launch of the PvE server. There is not much left besides balancing these systems, but balancing can take a while!
    Which to me sounds like:
    Bug Fixes (already patched most of these)
    Minor changers (again already in the last patch)
    Revise Character Creation
    Terrain Reversion System
    Info on menu's and tooltips
    PVE server (possibly change rules on this one also from other posts he made)

    Hope that helps.
    Welcome back to Xsyon.

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    Hello Shadow,

    The current development plans are listed in the In Development section. We plan to continue development beyond these plans, adding improvements and features indefinitely.


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