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    Feedback Request 02/17/2014 - Test Server Character Creation

    The Test Server is open with a revised character creation panel. You can use an alternate forum account or create a new character to view the system.

    Please post any feedback regarding the character creation here.


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    You left out special weapons, is that intended?

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    Map during character creation is good. Gives one an idea where they are starting. Love the associated stats posted with the skill selection. (I don't remember if this was in when I started. Been too long.. =D )

    It is hard to see hair styles and eye color with out the option to zoom in on the character during creation.

    Once in game the stats window is buggy looking.

    Deleting and re-rolling a character of the same name leads to the game hanging on 'Loading Entities' and drops back to second log in screen. Selecting a new name loads normally.

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    I like the new character creation set up. Feels more updated and everything is more easily understood with the explanations of what skills are for. Before you were guessing what skills to choose or having to look it up elsewhere.

    Including the map that shows what area you're selecting is a fantastic addition. Really helps to have a visual idea of where you are.

    Nice work.

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    Great job on it, Only complaint i had was after i named my char it froze and i had to enter the name in 3 times for it to accept it.

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