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Thread: HI [Need Help]

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    HI [Need Help]

    Hi, im new.

    Is servers work? Because I can not log in when I click login box with typed password resets, and so all the time

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    I'm unable to log in either atm....server time out error, tho everywhere I look says servers are up. *shrug*

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    Oh thanks mate I already thought it was something with my internet. I suspected that block access ports come down before the game worked perfectly.

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    It seems that I found the answer

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    No problem. I was happy to hear it wasn't just me either as I was checking connections and such as well trying to figure it out.

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    I tried to find a server status thread but somehow missed it in my search (I know, should have looked more closely). I've bookmarked it now so I can find it next time...thanks RosenBlod.

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    Not just me then - I can't get in either.
    Where are you based Before? I'm in the UK and often have problems logging in during the afternoon/evening

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    I am of Polish but do not really matter because yesterday's break was caused by the exclusion of servers.

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