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    Funds from current server being spent on PVE server over new features?

    Due to the overwhelming amount of players telling me to post this in the forums so they could also give their two cents, I am posting here to start a debate.

    What would you, a person *CURRENTLY PLAYING & PAYING FOR THIS SERVER* like to see?

    Would you prefer to see the monthly fee you and everyone else pays for, put towards advancing the game and adding the outlined features of this game that we where told where coming soon, on this server, for the benefit of people who play the server they're paying for.


    Would you prefer to see the monthly fee you and everyone else pays for, put towards advancing a PVE server, that had zero connection to the server you currently play, that adds no new features, no new gameplay and no benefits for people on the server you actually play right now. Again this only benefits people who already quit playing this game, already quit paying for this game and have said they "might" play again if there was a pve server. This is people who again don't play the main server, don't pay a monthly and don't care if new features are added to any servers.

    On the one hand the benefits go to those who pay for it. On the other hand the benefits go towards the *hopes of higher revenue but come at the price of lack of advancement for the orginal server.

    I would like to hear peoples opinions about this, since the only opinion I have heard is that generally everyone feels as if this game has been promising updates for half a year (like farming and cooking) but has been derailed and stopped all advancement due to switching to pve server, we loose out on promised features due to hopes of higher revenue in the hopes that people "come back" to play on a pve server.

    *******************READ THIS BEFORE POSTING********************
    If your a past player who has stopped playing for whatever reasons, please keep your opinions to yourself, since your not contributing any funds and thus your opinion should not matter when asked about where the funds should be focused.

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    I am locking this thread as the premise of this topic is based on false assumptions.

    Setting up a PvE server is a simple task that will not take away from game development when the time comes. Development has NOT been derailed to set up a PvE server.

    I have posted further regarding this and what is currently in progress in the most recent Developer Update here

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