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    Questions For The Developers 02/26/2014 - 03/18/2014

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted
    here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered..
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    Hi, Xsyon.
    My question is, why ranged combat is postponed again?
    I is it hard to implement? I whould rether have ranged combat before agriculture and cooking.

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    With the release of the new PvE server do you plan on giving players a stat re-roll? Most older players have probably used the three allotted ones and PvE changes the game a bit for stat requirements if your not a hunter.



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