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Thread: Pve server

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    Quote Originally Posted by aliksteel View Post
    Hello beautiful, Missed you too, We will have to find some land close to each other.
    Absolutely ! Can't wait

    Quote Originally Posted by Riverspirit View Post
    Hi everyone! I can't wait for the PVE server and to see you all again in game.
    Glad to see you too, seems the new server will be a lot of fun

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    is the population great enough to handle both types of servers? how will disputes be settled ?

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    nice too see so many old names with interes in the game, hope rainy river returns too
    I myself still have an tribe in game but dorment till next update justkeeping it alive.
    hope to see many of you ingame soon

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    On pve server there will not be any kind of open pvp and players will not be able to loot other players.
    Glad to see people coming back.

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    Renewed my subscription, looking forward to PvE!

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    Very nice a pve server What about new servers location, Europe maybe ?

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    A pve server will make me check out the game again

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    Yup, I'm glad too, not that pvp ever affected me much.

    I read in the announcements that everything on the pvp server will now be on the pve server? If I move my toon to pve server, what happens to her buildings etc. on the pvp server? Do they just sit there? Are they totally gone?

    This should be interesting.

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    an exact image of the server will be copied to the pve server, so u loose nothing :-) But stuff on the pvp server will probally decay over time since youll no longer be playing on that server

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    Well if they are going to copy over everything that is a shame we will still have to deal with all the dug up places and exhausted junk piles. Seems like you would get a better response with a fresh server that did not have all that.
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