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    Looking for a friendly tribe on PvE server

    Hello. I'm new to Xsyon and decided to start off with a PvE server. I'm looking for a tribe(english or polish) because I need to learn about the game systems. My in-game name is Pagin. Thank you in advance.

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    Welcome to Xsyon Pagin.

    I know there are several tribes recruiting. We in Raven Moon play mostly evenings MTN time so that may not work for you, but if interested you are welcome to join us. You can contact me, Riverspirt, Yellowfox or Shikolti in game for an invite. As well you can sign up on our forum for more information about our tribe.

    See you in game!

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    Hello pagin !

    we are a friendly tribe on PvE server
    you can find all about us here!!!

    Cya !!!

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    Okey. I want to be in your tribe. But i want to answer a question: why you choose PvE server ??
    I undersand, that on PvE server people cant fight each other?
    I want to join.

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