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Thread: Sad to see...

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    Im newer to game but it seems a fresh server with pvp being a flag on or off for would of been the better option.

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    I was glad to see the PVE server. I hate PVP. But, it did probably kill the PVP server. I hope the Steam launch will bring in fresh blood and I hope the tutorial will be completed before Steam launches. Lord help us if it's not....
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    Xsyon should make pvp server as consentual pvp, and things will pick-up.

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    Just want to pint out that with low pvp player base low income and no real funds to hire people to help develop and maintain the company it dies. Pve has always been the biggest player base in mmo's so Funds will pour in higher than the pvp serv allowing for the development to move now finally also helping the development for pvp server.

    The stuff needs funds to survive and a hand full of pvp players are not enough funds.
    Soe always has 5 times to 10 times the pve servers cause it is there bread and butter. Just want to point out you need fans to get funds and when the high majority of fans are pve and against pvp you can't exspect them to come in and fund your pvp game when they don't like pvp.

    Take Wurm online for example the pvp servers have no more than 250 at any time online while the pve servers combined have a total of more than 1200 online. If Rolf was to turn all his pve server's into pvp he would lose over 1000 paying customers.

    This is what happen to Xsyon pretty much a ton of people came in on the fact there would be a pve server cause almost every building sandbox out had a pve server and pvp server. But xsyon isn't the only sandbox type game suffering from going full pvp no pve server look at mortal online it flocked at the start and now is almost dead. There trying but it isn't good enough.
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    You hit the nail smack dab on the head there.

    Those that speak about wanting pvp the main option are really speaking about their OWN personal wants and desires, and that has nothing to do with the realities of getting an mmo (sandbox or not) off the ground.

    PvP players want the instant gratification of pawning other players, as this is the kind of reward they crave. PvE players also want to make a name for themselves, but are satisfied with player to player reputation, and accomplishments that others can see ( like a cool building or a bit well run tribe ) and are not so much the instant gratification types.

    PvE IS the bread and butter of mmorpgs and that will not likely change anytime soon. I believe Xsyon is going in exactly the right direction, and I personally am very happy to have returned at this time.

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    PVP wasn't the reason Xsyon was dying. Hate to break it to you. There really wasn't much if any PVP going on.
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    Then what is your take Deacon?

    I know for a fact that most of the people I had in my tribe left due to abuse from other players. ( One in particular )

    If pvp had NOT been possible back then, most of us, I am very sure, would have still been playing.

    Rarity of resources, buffed animals, tediousness of some crafting, did not drive all the builder/crafter types away. It is what most of them enjoy in a game, long term commitment and effort for a sense of accomplishment. Some will say here that building sucks and having to use dirt to build multi-story structures in unacceptable, but I would counter with all the cool things folks have built here.

    So, again, what is your take Deacon?

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    There was always a stigma attached to the game though because even if pvp was not taking place people just don't want to play on a server that has the potential for it even if it never occurs or very rarely did. There was always a chance and just having the tag line pvp attached to it would keep players away.

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    Glorp here...out from under his rock and stealing my Sister's fish.

    Sadly I have started some debates in global on the PVE server to no avail. Without reading any lore and just looking at the basic Scheme of the game...Its Post Apocolyptic and we are the survivors. Now Bill likes to build because he was a construction supervisor before this all happened, Jane...well she likes to make baskets and sew clothes...Fred tho...was a lazy city boy who never wanted to build or sew...instead he stole the apple from the market, took the clothes from his neighbors clothesline and sadly killed a passerby to get some coin to buy a beer.
    All of these types are here in Xsyon....If this was true to form, you would have to keep an eye out for Fred...Fred's are out there...but...Now The PVE server has taken a part of the basic scheme of the game away and has Forced any Fred's to attampt to be civilized.. We ( as in the people who like both ) made our Pitch To waas considered but upon some vote, was out voted to just make an additional PVE server.
    My Bottom line is: the game has turned down a path where the light shines the brightest but the sun will set without a reason for us to be doing all that can be done. No PVP...well there better damn be some main mob we all have to band together to kill or it will start tearing apart all our hard work, No PVP...give me a better reason to stay and utilize what i have learned and what i can make.
    As i get blasted for it in global ill prolly get blasted for it here too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideXaphan View Post
    There was always a stigma attached to the game though because even if pvp was not taking place people just don't want to play on a server that has the potential for it even if it never occurs or very rarely did. There was always a chance and just having the tag line pvp attached to it would keep players away.
    Any game that says it has something but is punished by guides, and not supported by the devs to fix issues with it, will fail. You can say this for ANY feature in any game.

    If you were punished for terraforming, and it was buggy, and you lagged while doing it, then broke your buildings while trying to do it, then couldnt change it back etc, people would think that terraforming would be bad also. This is what happens when you don't support a major feature in the game whether you want to call it a major one or not, FFA PVP is always a major feature.

    Just to list a few of the issues with PVP.

    1)No reason to PVP other than griefing or bragging.
    2)No option to track players.
    3)No punishments for people killing new players or anyone for any reason.
    4)Combat is laggy and desynced not been fixed for over 2 years.
    5)Attacking other players in game is punished by guides without as griefing without a true ruleset.
    6)Advanced players are in the same areas as new players.
    7)No objectives to take for PVP.
    8)No special moves in combat (stuns, high damage skill etc)
    9)No healing
    10)Super long respawn times for most people
    11)Travel is horrid to move around
    12)No way to res other players
    13)No party system

    Just to list a some, I can go on, but I think people get the point. PVP and combat overall is not supported in this game.

    You can say that "PVP" is tagged to it, but Minecraft, and EVE online are both huge successful sandbox games that have PVP. I can't think of any other "sandbox" game that is bigger that doesnt have PVP in some way shape or form.

    You guys got what you wanted, it's good that Xsyon is doing a direction that he is willing to support. Clearly you can see what it did to the PVP server, how many people are logged on there now? None, as expected. If none are on the PVP server, does that mean that none are wanting PVP? No. Just means PVP is so jacked up no one wants to play on a PVP server.

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