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    Fighting Questions

    Okay so when i played the last time there were exploits i guess you call them so you could kill animals in water and dug out holes but now that has been fixed so how do you even survive? I can not take but a few hits from bears and i am dead and the little animals that i can kill run away so i can not even get any skills.

    Should i be looking for a better armor set or better weapons? I guess i am not that good at all the blocking stuff i am just more or less standing there swinging but a few swipes by a bear and i am done and he takes no real damage at all. Any information would be helpful.

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    Kiting a mob to the water and killing it was not an exploit. It was a combat tactic and encouraged by guides/dev.

    Having better weapons and armor will help you a lot, but basically you need to learn to not get hit so much, by simply moving out of the animal's range when they attack.

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    okay so what is "the best" armor and axe in the game now? The wiki says all the axes are the same damage so what makes a weapon or armor any better than say the starting axe you get? I know in say wurm the ql affects the damage does it do the same here?

    The last time i played i just spent time digging and building my tribe up did not get into crafting or fighting much.

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    Quality of armors and weapons affect damage and protection. Both can be crafted to a maximum of Supreme 125 (which requires insane stats. I wonder if DDT can even do it).

    Quality also affect the outcome of stats on armor, with Artisan and Master Armor using more materials, each increasing the total. Protection values are the same for basic/artisan/master when it comes to quality. There are currently only basic weapons.

    Having decent protection and a good weapon makes the job easier, but learning the "dance" to hit and not get hit is paramount, and even then you'd want to figure out just how tough game you can handle yourself. Once your health drops to a point where you risk getting killed, you bring the animal to walk mode so you can stand still and regenerate however long it takes.

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    Thank you RosenBlod that helps me understand a lot more than before..

    Now you talk about stats on the armor is this random or is it always the same stats and just the amount varies? If it is random then what would you recommend looking for in say an armor set? I do have about 6k dollars and i might be interested in getting an armor set but want to make sure i know what i want before i go looking to buy one.

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    Fortitude= hps Str= carry more and stronger, those are the stats to go after for hunting and ofc agility for speed.
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    Okay and one more question..well for now, lol

    Can the armor be repaired/improved if it gets worn or do you have to just get a new set? (I know this should all be stuff i know but like i said i did not do any crafting before only building)

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    gotta make a new set, so far i never seen armor get worn or break yet. seen weapons and tools do it alot hehe
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    Okay sounds good and i thought of another question on the stats what is the max amount you can get on one armor like the number of different stats and what is the cap? Like is it a + to fortitude and if so what is the max + you can get them too.

    I guess also if you know of any good crafting guide that has all this then please point me to it.
    (the wiki really needs some love not much information there that i have seen)
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    +30 for an entire set and is extremely tough to do, need supreme items, need to hunt mutants and yea very tough. so far grinding stats, is no real cap. but say have have +2.00 on all ur armor, thats bout +30 in stat boosts for fortitude, which means bout erm 50 extra hps? Point of the bonus boosts is to help with daily tasks etc. Dont forget to feed ur upkeep too, gives a nice 15% exp/inspire boost. not sure of any guides, but basicly if the item ur making takes very little mats and is easy to spam, theres how ya speed grind, but careful, youll decay other skills, its a yoyo effect grinding all ofem up. trial and error :-)
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