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    Feedback Request 04/01/2014: Bug Fixes / Data Cleanup (Test Server)

    I've cleaned up data on the Test Server and fixed some minor issues.

    - Tree stumps have been removed
    - Old data that should have been deleted removed from database.
    - Power on bones and leather gathered from creatures should have correct values.

    I need feedback regarding:

    - Are any items from your inventory missing? Part of the data clean up removed items with 'missing' owners. I need to make sure that this did not affect any current inventories. The Test Server data is a copy of the Peace Server, Monday March 31.

    - Does the power of items gathered from creatures seem correct now?


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    Not missing anything so far (checked everything important).

    Coyote 194hp, power 0.60 (seem low. iirc 'yotes go to 240 and used to get power 1.00 before reaching full hp).
    Chicken 18hp, power 0.60 (don't know about chickens).

    *edit* Test and PvE (haven't been on PvP) servers runs so smoothly, I want to skin it and make underwear of it. Awesome.
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    Those values sound correct. Coyotes go up to 270 hp and chicken go up to 28 hp. The coyote hp is on the verge of being bumped up to 0.80 power, but still in the 0.60 range.

    Thanks for the input!

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