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    Turn over your pve keys

    Hi everyone I'm a returning player from launch days,and glad to be back! I'm starting over on the pve server and since my original homestead is nothing more than a brown spot, I was wondering if any steadfast pvp tribes planning on abandoning the pve server would let me take it over? That is instead of letting it decay for the people parking carts in anticipation of emptying the bins (hundreds of days in advance of the bins going public) so if you have a cool spot, or something you want to kick down, send me a pm here or let me know how to find you on the pvp server and we can talk.


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    Welcome back!

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    mO.Om....peaks out from under his rock to shed some light on the subject.

    please understand that the PVE server was made from a copy of the PVP server so the PVP is the origional server. 85 - 90% of the PVP server has been abandoned to move to the PVE server. Camps to take over are abundant on the PVP server wheras on the PVE server any camp left that is decayed has been looted/dissmantled with many people waiting to loot them.

    The one good thing i see in your post is that you want to take over or re use a pre terraformed pad...koodo's to you...i myself have re-used 4 old camps but am dismayed when i see a pre done pad and the new player moves to the other side of it and makes a new pad.

    We welcome you back and your best bet is to ask in global if anyone is moving to a new location so you could take over their old place.


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    I am still down to manage a tribe. Keep the fires lit and whatnot. I came up on loot, so just looking for a spot bigger than a homestead really. Seems a waste to let some of these tribal spots to just rot away.

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    An update since this thread seems to stay at the top of the introductions section. I'm not really playing on the peace server, so all my interest is focused on the war server. I am paying pve currency for pvp abandoned camp info(days inactive,and rough tribe size). Or I might buy supreme quality pvp server side items with pve server cash/trade if the price is right.

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