Listening to comments in global the last few days, it becomes obvious that with the addition of the PVE server, the games dynamics have changed and what were priorities before are no longer the case.

Case in point: With no pvp the most we need to worry about is the stray animal to avoid/kill/die from OR a rev wandering into your camp to eat your noggin.

Today what new players need is to learn how to provide for themselves, create a safe enclosure to avoid revs and the occasional animal. They also really need a ready source of information ingame that is friendly and helpful, without the unnecessary snide comments or newbie references.

What I want to do here is make a few suggestions on how we can all work together to learn the game, and have fun without frustrations.

To that end, here are a few of the ideas I had, and maybe you can share your comments or add new ideas to this thread.

[B]1. I am starting a Blueprint/Scheme/Recipe exchange that is totally fair. [/B]

[I]The way it would work is everything would be traded 1 to 1 across the board. [/I]

The reason is that even though some things like Blueprints can be quite rare, many of us are from beta and have quite a few in storage, and what is one mans treasure is another mans junk, so 1 to one seems the best way to keep a steady flow of trading.

[B]2. I am now offering a mentoring service to any new player that wants to learn the basics.[/B]

[I] The way this will work is I provide tutoring in any aspect of the game and provide free schemes/recipes/resources and tools in exchange for terraforming or brick manufacturing.[/I]

The reason is that many may want to stay solo but could use a leg up in learning the ropes, and could be a temporary member of Pawnee Tribe to get access to work areas, tools, resources, and knowledge BEFORE messing up their permanent homesite by making the usual newbie mistakes.

[B]3. I want to start developing a Caravan Merchant association. ( Called Merchants and Miners Association ) [/B]

[I]This will really be for protecting merchant caravans or resource gathering caravans from Revs and Animals. [/I]

Some of the new players are complaining about nothing to hunt. Others are actually pvp players playing on PEACE because of the higher pop. This would be like any alliance, but would be specifically for those that want to hunt and kill things to also have an outlet for what they like to do.

Please feel free to comment on any of these ideas, or offer your own and lets see what we can get going.