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    Rising Sun Recruit new members on PvE server !!!

    Hello all !

    We are the Rising Sun tribe , and we recruit new members on the PvE server!
    Tribe activity is for UTC + 02:00 (Europe and Asia)

    Tribe lockated at Zone: 896 at Pos: 860\300

    + Lots of junk piles by our tribe (resources)
    + I have all basic tools for evry recruit to help him get started.
    + We going to work hard and have goals.
    + I will allways help our tribe members.

    If you wish to join owr tribe:

    1.You can contact me via game chat
    /w Imortal

    2.You can spawn at Warriors Village and follow the road to the north , cross the river , and you will see our tribe , sit by the gates , and relax

    *If im not online , you may post here your ingame name and we will conntact you as soon as we get online .
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    Common guys !!! Lets hear you

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