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    How hard is it to scavenge Architect BleuPrints now?

    I have been told many conflicting answers to that question.

    Perhaps its that some want to safeguard locations, thinking that they can corner the market.

    Perhaps EVERYONE is having a hard time finding any and locations are simply unknown.

    I would like to ask the community at large, if you have found any Arch BP's lately and only the zone it was found in.

    I figure that Jordi made them very rare now, and perhaps you need to be near the mist to even find some, but I can't verify this.

    ANY info you can provide is welcome.

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    They have been made considerably more rare Oak, and grinding them is also very slow if not impossible. I'm guessing that was to help the economy with some rares. As for Raven Moon we seem to get more Masonry BP's out in our area (696), though still quite rare.

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    I have found at least one type in almost every area pile. full set of mason in one day south of oasis, a few tents and such to the west of there. some areas i seem to get a few in a day others i might get one. As far as my personal experience at max skill and over 120 charm and per the mist areas didn't pay out any more then some of the others

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    Thanks for the replies folks!

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    My pile drops every type of schematic or blueprint but I agree; the blueprints are a lot more rare.

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