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    Well I quit this is it I have had enough of this game and
    people trolling me like MrDDT

    The skill decay system is absolutely idiotic on this game and
    totally useless you work hard to get your skills up and then
    lose them after all that hard work. All you do is GRIND on
    this game and that isn't fun at all and then you end up losing
    the skills that you just grinded up that is B.S.

    The economy on this game is beyond busted it is non-existent
    here and for all your grinding what do you get absolutely nothing
    back again. There is absolutely NO one to sell anything to and
    there is absolutely no point to crafting other than for your own
    personal use.

    There is absolutely NO point to this game what so ever and now
    I see why the servers are so empty and why there is only a handful
    of players.

    I am done with the game this is it for me the skill decay is what did
    it for me to say enough is enough and that it is time to leave here
    I am tired of grinding the same DAMN skill up to 50 and then losing it
    back to 20 again only to get a level 60 recipe and then have to grind it
    all the way back up to 60 again just to learn a single recipe that is
    absolutely idiotic!

    There is no point to the game you grind day and night and for what
    NOTHING. The items you make you can't even sell and yes I know this
    is Prelude but come on why is anyone going to pay $10 a month for this
    when all you do is grind and then lose all your skills.

    Good job Xsyon you lost another paying customer and yes I was a paying
    customer too your game is poorly designed and absolutely horrible.

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    Perhaps I am missing something here because I don't see how you could get to 50 skill, then lose it and be back to 20 skill in the time you have been playing unless you set the decay on that skill tree to negative. I have 20 skills over 90, many of those at 100 with 4 in the crafting tier alone. It takes a bit of planning but you can have a lot of high level skills if you use the skill locks etc.

    And yes the PVP server is all but deserted but for a few players now, but there are plenty of people playing the PVE server. Hopefully with the next patch and the steam release the population on PVP will be back up again. I guess time will tell.

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    No i am not missing anything.. Soon as I level another skill it drops the other one and I leveled up
    tool crafting and then I leveled another skill and I already have 2 skills locked that I do NOT
    want to lose so then my other skills went DOWN And yes there is a little
    square next to all the other skills except the two which I have a + next to.

    I was playing on the PVE server and it is just a mess read what I said
    in my first post about the economy and everything else.
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    DarkShado, you know you never lose as much as you gain right?

    So if you train up a skill say +30 points the most the decay skill will go down is like -10 to -15 points. You can learn ALL skills to 100.

    About economy, you simply say there is no one to sell to and it's broken. Which doesnt explain much, because clearly there are people. Having said that, I do believe economy is broken in Xsyon, and I've explained why many times. I do not believe skill decay has much to do with economy being broken, really I think the skill decay is not enough. I think people shouldn't be able to have 100 in all the skills in the game, it would help economy more. But we get people like you that do not understand how skill and economy are related and you ask to break economy even more with the idea of no skill decay.

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    Again MRDDT why are you posting on my threads I mean really?

    That obviously isn't true because I am going DOWN as much as I am UP
    so obviously again something is very broken with the skill system.

    The economy is non-existent on this game there are not enough
    people to keep any kind of a live economy on this game.

    The skill decay it a horrible system that NEVER works on any game
    and it has been tried on multiple games and it has NEVER worked
    and this is one of THE most hated thing on this game.

    The skill decay and the economy were two separate points.
    No one is going to stick around though if they are just going to GRIND
    all day and then lose their skill points which they just ground up for hours
    again when you need to raise something else up. That is an absolutely
    asinine system.

    I understand the economy and I have been playing MMOs for many years
    so don't insult me by saying that I don't understand how
    skills and economy are related. Don't insult me I know more about skills and
    economy than you ever will. I find your response to be insulting and rude.

    You have been told before NOT to post in my threads get out of here
    MrDDT. I don't know who you are but you are nothing but a pain in my ass
    who has trolled and stalked me though out various threads now.

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    DDT, economy is broken because of "skill decay" for one, I told you before, decay should start after 75 so there is at least a solid point to grind, you don't get supreme quality but you have a good enough skill, in RL people never forger 100% of what they learned, with a short time they quikly recover their skills back "practice".

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkShado View Post

    That obviously isn't true because I am going DOWN as much as I am UP
    so obviously again something is very broken with the skill system.
    Ok you are just completely wrong here sir. If you were actually paying attention you would see that although your skills do decay they NEVER decay as much as you gain. MrDDT is completely correct here as is Willowhawk. I have kept careful tabs on my skill points and although i have had to grind skills that have decayed i always come out ahead of where i was before.

    I sit here and laugh because first it was "Plz give us a pve server cause i dont wanna get killed!". Then i saw a post about "Plz dont make guts used for fertalizer because i cant kill animals!" Now i see your post "Plz get rid of skill decay!" For the love of god what do you want this game to become?

    I think you insult yourself with your lack of knowledge and understanding about how this game and for that fact many other MMO's work.

    Oh i forgot about the post i read that pvp needs to be consentual. LMAO
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    Anticules? you cry too much your self
    Game needed to be fun to play not a burden, so people actualy enjoy playing it.

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    So by not being a burden you suggest that everything be dumbed down and made easier so that you can have everything you want handed to you on a silver platter? That seems even less fun and counter productive to any trading issues there are already. This forum is full of posts by people wanting this cause they cant do that. If Xsyon continues to pander to these posts it will turn into nothing but a care bear single player game. Maybe he should make a 3rd server for folks like yourself and you can just start out with all your skills maxed.

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    econ·o·my noun \i-ˈkä-nə-mē, ə-, ē-\
    the process or system by which goods and services are produced, sold, and bought in a country or region using agreed upon currency.

    The fact is Xsyon has no "economy" as such. It is a total barter system.

    Trading in Xsyon goes on everyday, and despite well intentioned players attempting create a monetary system to operate under, the barter system functions quite well.

    Instead of always trying to get the game to be in YOUR vision, why not try to cooperate with the vision Jordi has and work what is already here?

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