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    Cool Want some Cheese with your Whine?


    Peeks out from under his rock to see:

    The Masses have spoke....the PVE server is working quite well, yet I see more Whines now than i did before.

    I log on the pvp server...make my rounds...loot camps and claim carts. I will be patient here till something happens.

    I log on the PVE server...I have my camp set up for the future farming. I am activly seeking BP's or scavenging for them. I buy or barter for fish. I kill revs. I help My main tribe out with Premium wood hunting.

    Nothing is broke for me on either server. I have control over my char's skills and what i do ea day. The only thing i see missing and i can agree with several others is content. Whether it be PVP or PVE server, there needs to be something that is hard to do that we want to strive towards.

    No, this is not a whine, just a noted fact.

    I do not Know Jordi personally but since day one i saw his vision and i like it. If he is still sole dev due to financial constraints or past personal expeiriences then Slow it will have to be. I may have been in hiatus for a week or 2 due to puter problems but in essence i have been in game daily for over 1 year now and still i feel a want to be on every day.

    To those of you out there that have closed minds...stop...take a breath...and read into what the others are saying.
    you are all...right...and...wrong and so am i at times.

    mO.Om...Grabs some fish and waits for any responce.

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    I thought Xsyon is a sand-box where players create their own content?
    Landmark has a lot less tools but people do really great things.
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    Good post Glorp, I agree completely!

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