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    All you guys arguing over pvp and pve server it does'nt matter.

    If the game your playing is not fun then it will never be popular and so it does no matter. This game lacks a player base and features and it can't increase any of them because people quit because there bored.

    A game has to have certain things to be fun -

    Structure - Im going to compare this to Eve online because it makes the most sense people play eve and quit because they have no clue what to do after the tutorial and its because you can do what you want now most people get bored and quit because missions are boring everyone equips ships better than them and have more experience some hang in there, they join a organization and improve overtime and find a great community the difference is Eve online has more features and solid aspects in important areas whereas Xsyon does not.

    Competitiveness - League of legends 5v5 - dota 2 5v5 - CounterStrikeGo 5v5 you play versus people and you try to be the best and improve. In xsyon i have never competed with anyone there is no ranking or leader board. Global stats are probably one of the most important thing in an online game nevermind an open world game. I mean look at flappy bird it sucks but o this guy has a high score of 21 well im gonna beat that then i get 26 and he beats that and then your competing and its fun.

    Challenging - Dark souls 2 die alot want to beat it and in xsyon i guess this has it however on your own you can kill like 1-2 things at the start and you have to go and search for them which takes way to long to find the correct 1-2 creature that your able to kill just to get stronger = DUMB. Especially if this is what he enjoys doing in the game its ok for the people who have been playing for ages who have maxed out skills and can tank and 1 hit things but the new players get like 4 hit by something with 50 hp.

    Story/Community/Events/Ingametroubles - Things that make you talk about the game. Maybe 10 guys have died to this overpowered 800 hp bear and it goes on reddit that noone can kill it then some guy hunts it down videos it and kills it and everyone lol wow how. IT makes you want to play it makes you want to be better just stupid little things like that make games awesome. You see it all the times watching pro league of legends or dota 2 players. Or people with sick aim in counter strike or an awesome group in wow finishing a raid.

    Then just on top of that losing stats and grind. In this you keep going in the same way and the game is going nowhere there is already similar and better balanced games coming out but with guns and its a shame that this game will be wasted. Stop trying to make it so hardcore and grindy it can still be that without being do this for 10000X hours then make this for 10000X hours annnnnnnnnnnnnnd im bored. Maybe change how individual players fight with animals such as solo zones and multi zones solo zones scale to your level so you could have fun and multi is what it is now or something or even harder.

    I like thinking of cool open world ideas like this what if you make a tavern a really big one somewhere good located it has a road leading from it and everything it has tables inside some kind of ai we can buy water and fish from (for now anyways) and a place to park carts and we can use it to trade with people and hangout in game and gather people to do things.

    Another thing is stamina and how fast it runs out the map is big people are exploring and im out of energy got to rest so often. Imagine Dayz If you had to sit down and rest every 5 minutes how annoying would that game become all of a sudden 5 guys chasing me dam i ran all the way here and im out of stamina i cant run away and im dead things like this ruin game experiences mainly when all features don't run properly.

    Maybe a tutorial and let people start with every tool that is important early. Then say place your totem now were going to build a basic home and a basket here is what you will need. You run to find some grass pick it up turn into what you need then chop a tree get some wood then it ticks them off after you have gotten the required resources and built the objects and you can go from there.
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