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    Some Questions

    Hey Hey,

    Thanks for finally opening a PvE server!!! Iíve recently come back to the game since leaving after launch and have a few questions.

    1. When taking up ground spawns (grass, junk pile, tree seeds, etcÖ) three times instead of four to deplete, does the spot reset? And if so, how long would it take per tick or for all 3?

    2. I noticed a total recipe amount listed on the craft windows. Is there a cap I need to be worried about eventually?

    3. Is there a way to enlarge some of the game windows? I play 1920x1080 and the skills and crafts windows I would like to stretch to display more, especially when Iím trying to see if Iím earning skill (by the tenths).

    4. Is there a way to save UI so that every time I die or log in I donít have to open all the windows I want open?

    5. Is there a penalty for dying besides getting looted by revenants? (Iím in my small clothes now so I apologize if I streak by). Iíve also died a couple of times to stray dogs, coyotes, and bears but havenít seen anything saying I am loosing anything so want to make sure Iím not missing something. Since we donít seem to be getting stat increase messages like skill up messages (do we get stat up messages?) maybe I just am not gaining stat increases. I also checked the wiki and couldnít find anything regarding death.

    6. When scavenging Iíve noticed there are items that have colored names. Do those types of resources always show up with that bonus? For instance brass always being purple and giving 1.00 bonus?

    6a. Does making something with these specially colored items give that resources bonus to the finished product? And if I need 4 screws and use 4 brass screws, will that give me 4.00 or 1.00?

    7. I havenít gained much skill yet, so am not sure about this (spent a long while dying and finding a new spot to possibly call home). Do we still gain new items to make as we skill up? And if we do, does a scavenged recipe give me knowledge to make a better version of that item?

    If I think of any other questions, Iíll post them here as well. Thanks for taking time to listen. 


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    Ho Glorp here...peeking out from under his rock to do my best to answer the questions.

    1)there has been rumour that upon certain maintenance periods that grass or scav might be re popped...not yet proven. so the base answer is if you pull 3 times and a month or 2 down the road i pull on that spot it will be depleted. Farming may give us grass seed to plant.
    2)the amount of recipes to learn are based off of your skill level and your stats in that skill. for most people that dont grind 24/7 you will be able to eventually get close to 90+% of the known schemes. you may have to unlearn some later to learn the masters of the ones you desire.
    3)no and i do not think they are on Jordi's plans atm. way too many other more pressing problems to take care of.
    4)if you set and log out and back in then some of the things will stay constant...placement of the windows mostly no. hot bar action buttons, yes.
    5)getting killed by a rev or animal will eventually start taking a toll on the armour...dying by the mist will not. Stat increase messages i do not think ever display but skil ups do if you have the messages checked to be system.
    6a)no...the scheme called foe 4 of an item but the end addition is still 1.0 total from them.
    7)yes you will be inspired with new schemes/BP's as you level a skill up. being in a large tribe with a high bonus and the totem set to scholarship will enhance the odds of getting even more. but sadly a found scheme/BP is no different than what is does not matter what the level on the scheme/bp is junk axe scheme is the same as the same scheme labeled VHQ.

    Hope this helps


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    Thanks Glorp!

    Exactly what I wanted to know.  Now that I’ve played a few days, I have a few more questions. 

    1. With the level up system, is it worth it to level up the more expensive skills like architecture and wainwright? Or should I level up combat skills?

    2. Will I loose out on inspiration chances if I level up a craft skill or can I still possibly gain inspiration recipes this way?

    3. Can we still gain inspiration recipes once we hit 100 in a skill?

    4. How does tribe upkeep work? Nothing on the wiki’s tribe panel page says anything about it.

    Thanks again for taking the time to listen.


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    1. Bonecraft, Hunting, Wainwright, (Toolcraft & Weaponcraft) and your combat skills (Armed, Axe, Pick, Club etc.) are the most difficult/time consuming skills to raise. You will want to spend (green) exp. points to help you level these skills. Combat -vs- crafting skills will depend on what you want to focus on with your character.

    2. You will gain inspiration grinding AND when using points to level a skill.

    3. Yes.

    4. ATM, you feed your totem dollar bills up to a max amount based on tribe size and you will recieve various bonuses (you choose) based on the percentage of max dollar amount you keep in the totem.

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    Good news about gaining inspiration after 100 skill! Thanks for helping me out with these answers.


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