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    Stats Question

    Hey Hey!

    I was under the assumption that stats go up or down based on my activities.

    So Iím working foraging and basketry all night and also spent some green bar experience on wainright (no recipes learned ). I gained 0.1 fortitude, 0.2 dexterity and lost 0.2 strength. So unless the wiki statsí page is wrong, how did I lose strength?

    Do stats work that if you gain 0.1 in a stat then youíll lose 0.1 in your LOWEST stat? If so, why did I lose 0.2 in strength, my second highest stat and not anything in my lowest stat which is 9.1?

    Thanks for listening.


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    No one knows why my strength might be going down? I'm down to 79.4 from 80.0 now just working foraging and basketry with a bit of running.

    Oh wow, and I just noticed my fortitude went down 0.2 as well.

    Can someone explain to me how stats work please, because I think I was told wrong info in game about stats going up / down based on skill use. And I think the wiki's stat spreadsheet is wrong too if my info was correct.


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    I am far from being an expert in how much numbers go up down etc but.

    Foraging increased intelligence and spirit.
    Basketry increases agility and spirit.

    So to me it seems correct that strength and fortitude would drop.

    Also I don't think it matters how high your stat/skill level is its the least used that would drop as I understand it.

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    Mush is correct

    Stats are difficult to control, where as skills you can raise and lower with a bit more control using the plus minus settings.

    What I have found is when you work one stat up, you have to also work on the others you don't wish to lose at the same time. For instance I will do woodworking or Basketry which will both raise Agility and Spirit. Then when I lose a few points in Fort or Strength I will follow up by grinding some bricks and leather. You do make gains but a general analogy would be 3 steps forward and two steps back. In other words when stat decay comes into play, especially at higher levels you will probably need to grind 3 stat points to actually gain one point over all.

    It's about the only way to keep your stats up while increasing other stats unless you specialize in very specific trade skills that share complimentary stats, and then rely on other players for the rest of your needs.

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    Ahhh, that's where I was under the wrong assumption!

    I didn't know it had to do with the least used stat that dropped. I thought it was the lowest stat that lowers. That's why I was confused, since my strength stat is my second highest and it was dropping pretty quick.

    Thanks for the info and clarification!


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