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    Finite resources?


    The manual ("Updated November 18th, 2012") says on page 27:
    Foraging via the action tab does not deplete Global resources, however there is a 'cool down' on each particular area you must move approximately 5 metres between performing the action.

    Foraging skill also affects the quality of any grass you gather using right click on your Resources Panel, but gathering from the same spot 4 times will deplete the resource permanently, the amount of grass resource on a particular spot is global, not personal and does not replenish over time.
    So which is it?

    Or does it mean that foraging anything but grass does not deplete it, but foraging 4 pieces of grass will ruin the spot for every kind of foraging?

    And how do you guys deal with this? Do you print out a map then write down how many times you got grass on each spot? Can you remember where and how many times you gathered grass 1 or 3 years ago?

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    Currently, some resources are finite, however, there is a patch coming where land will revert back to it's starting state it not near buildings or tribe areas.

    What the manual is saying is there are 2 ways you can forage.
    You can use the action window to click the forage skill, this will look for random foraged items. Or you can use the resources window and gather foraging items (like grass).

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