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    So QUIET the last few days...

    Just curious what's up.

    seems only the most regular are logging in...

    Playoffs somewhere?
    The advent of winter slowing peoples desire to login?
    Some odd holiday I never heard of?


    Where you guys at??

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Glorp here...peeking out from under his rock to see and hear...

    The same thing that happened since Jan of last year...People come..people go...specially when you spoon feed them. but then some use a voice server and dont speak in global till they see something they want to respond to. then there are the Hermits or Foriegners who either dont want to or cant because of a language barrier.

    Id sya its the first 2...seen it happen like 4-5 times last year. everybody here...then everybody gone...wax on...wax off.

    Going back under my rock now to be quiet


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