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    Is free play worth playing?

    While i was downloading the game with all intentions to check it out and see if it was worth paying for, i came across the free play limits.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
    Xsyon Free Play Limits
    Free Play includes the following limits:

    Players without paid Citizen Game Account access:

    Players cannot start new Tribes
    Players cannot join new Tribe charters
    Players can join tribes but they do not add to the tribe size
    Skills are effectively limited to 30
    Players cannot use gained experience to level up

    Players with Citizen Game Account access without a paid Monthly subscription:

    Skills are effectively limited to 30
    Players cannot use gained experience to level up
    __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

    Is the f2p even worth trying? It really bugs me when devs put limitations on a f2p like these. Might as well make it p2p. At least that isnt as hypocritical.

    Prolly get flamed or banned now.

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    Even current games have limits. take wow, unlimited trial, which is about what this has. your limited to level 20 cant mail,trade,use the auction house, your very limited on what you can do so a person will pay for more. there are only a few actual real ftp games out there and most rape you for micro transactions for more then the sub for all would be. Honestly i dont get why people want everything for free. how do you expect a game to survive without an income. I understand that the caps are harsh for the people that want a free game but there isnt alot that can be removed that would not make the payment model obsolete, and without funds we have no game.

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    Xsyon is mostly pay to play. I would consider it free to try.

    If you try it and find you like it, pay for it.

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    Yes even the most popular games have limitations. Here have some fun...if you like it and want more fun then simply buy the game and pay the paltry 9.99 a month. Xsyon is a game where you can change the looks of the map by terraforming/building and cutting down trees. If he let any ftp build, this game would look like crap with holes and mounds of dirt all over the place. It is bad enuff that some tribes give the right to build to some of their ftp recruits claiming to have pity on them since they cannot afford the game. these areas are allready looking like amusement parks and is it keeping those players here? still have skill limits so they cant do what a paid member can and they leave. Keep the limits but re-phrase how its worded to TRIAL and id go as far as to limit the time they could do that...say 2 weeks to a month then either pay or leave.

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