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    Feedback Request 04/29/2014: Tutorial (Public Servers)

    The Tutorial Screens are now on the Public Servers!

    The Tutorial Screens pop up when you enter the game. For the coming patch this will appear by default only for new characters. The Tutorial Screens can be be accessed at any time from the Help Icon and will be a useful reference for players old and new.

    The current Tutorial Screens are intended to give new players a basic introduction to Xsyon. I plan to continue to add information over time.

    I welcome any feedback on what you would like to see in these screens in the future.

    In addition, the coming patch includes many minor improvements:

    Permissions and locks combined into one panel for objects that use both.
    Permissions / locks icon added to your equipped pack and pouch panels.
    Revised handles on gauges.
    Creature life and energy bars changed to red and green.
    Added messages to eating and drinking to indicate if you are still hungry, still thirsty or over satiated.
    Map Panel displays if your current tribe territory is your Home location or an Allied tribe location.
    Stat Adjustment Panel displays the number of adjustments you have left.
    Interface Panels save their open / closed state when you exit the game. This does not apply to crafting or construction panels.

    Campfires require fuel (firewood) to stay lit. Firewood quality determines how long the fire stays lit.
    Campfires provide a 'hearth' buff which increases Life and Energy regeneration.
    Campfires without fuel show as a simple ring of rocks.
    Campfires properly light nearby buildings and objects.
    Campfires visually improved.

    You can now open and close packs and pouches while resting or sleeping.
    Unused combat skills removed from the skill list.

    New Players
    New players start with Flint and Firewood in their inventory.
    New players start with an axe, knife, fishing rod and shovel in their inventory, regardless of skills chosen.
    Schemes adjusted to allow new players to craft a basic set of grass armor and all necessary tools.

    Foraging tables temporarily revised to remove inedible plants. Foraging will be further revised with the Farming and Cooking systems.

    Energy, Hunger and Thirst
    Energy used by actions decreased.
    Energy and life gain revised. Normal gain rates increased.
    Gain rates affected more by hunger and thirst levels.
    Buffs display for low and high hunger and thirst levels.
    Hunger and Thirst should be kept at 50% for optimal energy levels.
    Hunger and Thirst gauges range in color from red to green or blue. Red indicates that you need more food or water or have consumed too much.

    Trade Totem
    Warning messages regarding items becoming property of the tribe leader after 400 game days and expiring after 800 game days displayed when sale is placed.
    Refresh button added to the Trade Totem Panel allowing owners to reset the date sold for all their items for sale and uncollected sold items.

    Construction Ghosts do not cast shadows.

    Bug Fixes
    Incorrect power on hunted creature parts fixed.
    Mackinaw Trout weight reduced and made stackable and edible.
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    Great patch here. Really. Outstanding. I tested the campfires and they look and work great! I like the addition of things that make life in Xsyon easier. The eating and drinking seem to work as advertised here.

    Keep up the great work!
    “Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.”

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    Sounds like some good stuff. I can't wait to test it.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    I've been checking out the various features (apart from regeneration, I don't grind or hunt as inactive). Must say I like what I see

    Campfire fuel indicator showing remaining hours of fire is currently showing "1 / 4 387 hours left". Each firewood I've added seems to add something like 40 hours (had been adding a few more as the fire burned down to 1 / 4).

    I'd like to know when this may be implemented, since I have points in some of the removed combat skills for HP, which I'd like to decay elsewhere before then.
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    "Unused combat skills removed from the skill list."

    I have a 90 in polearm for hit point purposes and possibly some points in another unused weapon skill. Will I lose the hit points associated with this skill when they are removed? Also, will my progression in the skill be saved even though the skill is removed from the list?

    Hopefully not/ hopefully so. Thanks.
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    I'm planning to patch this out tonight (early morning tomorrow technically).

    HP will decrease for a few characters as the unused combat skills will not be loaded or counted. The combat skills and your points will be saved in the database for the future.

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    So far so good.

    Any chance we can get campfires to increase HP regen more, and food / water to increase regen more?

    Currently takes me about 3 mins to go from 1hp to max HP using 50% food, 50% thirst, and next to a campfire.

    Moving or doing any action your HP ever regens.
    Low thrist/hunger not near a campfire takes me close to 10mins to regen my HP from 1 to max.

    I would also like to see increase range on the campfires.

    I also believe campfires last to long based on the wood source. 40 to 50 hours for 1 piece of firewood is a very long time.

    I would also like to see quality of the firewood larger effect the duration of the campfire, it seems to have little effect.

    In the tutorial it talks about "Legendary" items. I've never seen these in game, is there a plan to have a new tier of items in the game? How do we get this? Can you tell us more about what this means?

    The Peace server vs the War server seems to be updated with different patches, I'm not sure what the deal is with that, is this something planned to not update the War server anymore? It's missing some of the newer changes that the Peace server has.

    Can we lower the weight of flint slightly? Currently it will bog people down a good bit for something most people will want to carry around.

    Foraged food seems to give very very very little hunger when eating this, is this because cooking/food is coming out that will replace it? Or do you expect us to just use fish as the main food source?

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Love the fires-require-firewood change. Wouldn't want to shorten the duration of a fire shortened. It would add realism, but would also add an unnecessary chore.

    There is one bugged fire on the edge of my land (Zone 781 65.8/759.4). The fire appears as burning and shows Fuel 0 / 4 Ready to Light. It gives light but not the regen buff.

    Do the permissions on fires mean anything? They show Private Use : Locked on tribe land and just Private Use off tribe land. I can add fuel and light fires belonging to others on my tribe land, but I am tribe leader. Off tribe land I could do anything to another person's fire, but not sure what a regular tribe member could do to a fire on tribe land.

    It is easy to go from hungry/thirsty to over full. One drink from a water skin took me from barely thirsty to barely bloated. I know increasing the amount drinking directly from a stream reduced thirst, but this amount may need to be reduced some now.

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    Peeks out from under his rock...sort of disgruntled...

    Most of what i have seen is ok and all sounds fine except for the unused combat skills being removed and the points we have in them saved and stored...till year or the year after?...why not re-imburse those points so we can use them now on what they can be used on...sure...DDT has a bagillion green points so he don have a chip on his shoulder but the rest of us...oh wait...that means you want us to be pulling scav piles and grinding tailoring left and right to get green points, ahh i see. I was one of the few of a handfull who actually did the actions to get the green points and never abused the system intended. well i guess scav piles wil regen then with the terrain regen patch? Tired of seeing all these spreadsheeters trying to beat the system so they can be OP in 2 weeks then they too still quit playing. sorry but this just don settle with me.

    going back under my rock...maybe if i grind Moss ill be OP next time i log in


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    Oops...sorry let me add and clarify.

    Yes i did use green points in Polearms which are not in game to help me out with stats so i didnt have to grind for weeks or pull scav cloth and sort to do tailoring quick like most of the weaklings.. I have worked honestly in game to get what i have in the way i thought it was envisioned. nothing i can do to stop the others from doing it that way. I just feel if you are going to remove something that we worked hard to get points for , we should get the points back to spend elsewhere.

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