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    Questions For The Developers 05/01/2014 - 06/24/2014

    Please post your Questions For The Developer here.

    Please do not post questions regarding estimated release dates for features or changes. Our In Development schedule is posted
    here and will change as our plans changes. Features will be released when they are ready.

    Sarcastic or derogatory comments veiled as questions will not be answered..

    The latest round of questions has been answered here
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    When cooking/farming is put on the live servers, do you plan on making changes to the survival/needs of people in game for food?

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    Are there any plans to add different types of bone armor. ie.. starter/mid grade that uses round, flat, ribs from other animal types (dogs, coyote, etc)? It would be easier for new players that want to start hunting animals/revs to get into a set of heavier armor. Also, are there plans to make human bones available? Gutting Revs maybe? There's a lot of bone armor I'd like to make, but no resources.

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    just a tidbit for Jayson...Human bones still drop in scav piles but way way too rarely ( tho i have nuff human bones from events to make an entire set ). and the human bones still do not have stats... so i will expand on this question...

    Will Human Bones be harvestable from revs in the future and will there be stats added to them?

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    I thank high lvl Rev should drop human bones or a chance around 200 and up

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