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    New tar sources please


    from what I heared you cannot get anymore tar in the game. Some people are sitting on some but are not selling.
    Now, since I focus on making pioneer's tools I need premium tar to make waterskins but there is no way to get it. And now that hunger and thirst got changed, waterskins are getting important.
    So can we please please get new sources to gather tar?

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    Terrain reversion should bring tar back.

    In a bit of history, at the start of prelude griefers planted their totems on most tar sites. Even though there was no use for tar then, the sites were depleted to deny it to anyone else.

    Waterskins will be more important when farming comes in. You have to use waterskins to water crops, while you can drink from a stream. As fast as waterskins wear out, I wouldn't worry too much about trying to make premium waterskins. 2 VGQ waterskins > 1 premium waterskin.

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    Of course, you could hang out around the big tar field and hope to get the zone loading error.

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