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    Feedback Request 05/08/2014: Minor Update (Public Servers)

    The Test Server is up with some minor changes.

    Search added to Architecture panel.

    Nourishment ok levels changed to between 20% and 80%.
    Hydration ok levels changed to between 20% and 80%.
    Buffs display for well fed and well hydrated levels.
    Hunger and Thirst renamed to Nourishment and Hydration.

    Masonry and leathercraft listed under correct stat panels.
    Typo stating that 100 level up points are gained instead of 10 per level corrected.

    Bug Fixes
    Ownership display and use on regular items inside packs turned off.
    Fixed issue causing starting resources skills for new players being set to 5 instead of 25.

    Also I'd like to address a few concerns from the previous feedback thread.

    1) I've reduced the over and under optimal range for nourishment and hydration (hunger and thirst) to 20% instead of 25%. Keep in mind that the effects are on a sliding scale. At 15% your energy and life gain will be affected less than at 0%.

    2) A few changes to hunger and thirst have been made as requested.

    3) Bandages and healing will come later. With the cooking update, food will supply buffs and base regeneration will likely be lowered to make cooked food more of a necessity.
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    Thanks for the update and continued work. Happy to see these types of changes.

    P.S. Can't wait for cooking/bandages =P

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    Sounds like another winner!
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