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    Is PvP server having issues?

    Tried to play on it today, first time I got booted in 5 to 10 minutes or so, the second time the game crashed in about 2 minutes flat
    Also I noticed that nobody was on PvP server.
    Do I need to wait until the steam launch to see activity on there?

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    mO.Om......peeks out from under his rock to reply. it known that 80+% of the pvp server moved to the PVE server when they did the server split...way too many care bears like the game that way but hey...if it pays the bills so be it. So the PVP server has prolly about 10 active Tribes with most never chatting in global so they can stay hidden hermits...go out find them and pvp if thats what you want.

    as for the crashes...first does your system meet the min 3.0 ghz Daul core/4-8gb ram and a decent video card that can support shading. I had my P/S burn out last week and tryed to play using my older puter. tho the processor was a 2.6 ghz, that part worked but waas jerky...what will cause the game to crash is the old system had 2 GB ram and would crash in about 2 min.

    Also the game favors windowed mode....if you are in fullscreen, try changing that

    Hope you get it running and Welcome to Xsyon

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    Never had a problem before with this PC. 16g ram, AMD 6 core processor slightly OC'd to 3.6 ghz and an amd 7850 2g core edition video card. Game runs virtually every game on the market at max and all of them on high.

    The PvP server being dead is ok, I guess. Not really into a TON of PvP, but I enjoy the realism of it.
    I remember the good ol' days of Dang bum rushing me while I was close to my tribe and running like hell lolz. He never did get me:P But that was luck, and 100 run speed lolz!

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    Also on another note. about 3 hours before this happened, I was playing on PvE server for about 1.5 to 2 hours straight with no problems. Until I had to run errands and realized that PvE skills do not transfer to PvP Going to try again

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