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    This is a game with real people playing it.

    This is just a tip for new players...

    As is true in any relationship, even with the friends you make in a game like Xsyon, it takes time to develop a working relationship with anyone.

    When you look for a tribe to join, try and interact with them. Find out how they will treat you. Don't be hasty and join the first tribe that offers.

    Think, what are my plans here...

    Do you want to build and terraform to make a lasting mark in the world?

    Want to become well known for crafting the best armors, or just want to live a quiet calm life having fun?

    Then, find a tribe that will let you do those things... this is especially important for free to play players.

    Most tribe will not let you build or terraform. Perhaps they feel you need to buy a monthly account before they will allow you to see the full range of what you can do here.

    However, you can try it all out with some tribes. Often this will lead to new players becoming citizens, because the get the "bug". They see that its easy and fun to build and dream of all the cool things they can do.

    Things like:

    A 15 story highrise, mighty fortress cities, tree houses with bridges, even underground housing!

    So try it out! Choose your tribe well and build friendships and relationships with other like minded folk!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    mO.Om....peeks out from under his rock.

    Good call Mac.

    I have been in everyones shoes in this game, from FTP to Tribe leader. The game has alot to offer to many different personalities and IMO a much needed outlet for those of us that have tired of the questing MMO's.
    As Free to play without a tribe there is not alot you can boast about accomplishing but still you have the thrill of exploring and surviving. With a Tribe you have access to many other options to grow upon and yes, making new and lasting relationships is one of them.
    The game is about the best i could find when it comes to building due to the fact we can terraform the land around us. Other similar games do not offer this and hence is the main aspect of Xsyon. making friends here leads to ways to work with others around us to make this world into what the statement of Xsyon asks of us...Make a new world (with a behind the scenes hint) but not like we did before, But better.
    Granted...for a period before the server split, the common answer to a ftp when asking if he could build was based on if the person was going to stay. That decision was more warranted after the FTP bought the game. After the server split we have seen a few tribes open up access to building to FTP and yes...some of the FTP have paid and stayed.
    I do agree with Mac on the point of "dont take the first tribe offer", I used it when i grew my first Tribe and yes i lost alot to tribes that offered pipe dreams in hopes they would grow their boundries. Search out the Tribe that offers what you like to do. Here in Xsyon...biggest is not allways better...the friends you make, Make the game much more worthwhile.
    So...To Mac and all others that want to grow the comunity within the game (Yes, Even you Wamba), Keep on making new friends and share your insight to all.

    Crawls back under his rock to eat some moss and look at his plunders.


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    but at the end of the day games are made to have fun or be competitive and this achieves neither currently. Its like ye build a mighty castle but you need the blueprints and u need the skill level and to get the skill level you need the items to level it and to get those items you gota spam spam spam and then you use them and then spam spam spam again.

    It fails in being fun and it fails in keeping players in competition.

    Counter strike - Silver 1 to Global Elite and deathmatches for fun
    League of legends - Bronze 5 to Challenger and other fun modes to mess around
    Minecraft - Fun simple to build and has mods which make it competitive
    Dayz - You can argue on how fun it is because for some its boring like running around for ages finding gear is super boring but for others its funny because of roleplay/conversations and competitive because you hunt people or get hunted and run into people.
    Rust - Started off hyped people started getting bored still a few love it its a bit grindy its easier to build but basic but some find it fun because of gun fights.

    This game is never ever ever going to be popular unless you work on those 2 attributes and the likelihood of that is pretty low I'm guessing its not balanced the combat at all it has a hell of alot of grind a hell of a lot of moving about then resting and waiting and to go solo would take ages for you to get anything.

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    You are partly right, and partly wrong.

    This game doesn't need achievements, it just needs more freedom from the current grind. It is the same problem as Wurm Online, granted not as grindy, but still the same problem. There isn't any real variety in playing, you either build really high dirt walls, and place stuff on them to give you a look or you place pre-designed structures. The building itself isn't as bad as Wurm. But the lack of the ability to make some of the most simple things, like nails, which should be able to be smelted out of any bit of metal and the right tools.

    The skill grind isn't that bad.
    The combat system while the basics of it are good, the implementation is, poor at best. Mainly because after, what two plus years there still isn't a ranged combat system, pole weapons (spears, poleaxes, and reach weapons) still don't exist.

    The last thing that I think detracts from the game is the concept genre, most of the people I have mentioned this game to laugh at the Post Apocalyptic Native American theme. While original, there is a reason why no one has done it before.

    The game could have road that small wave that the TV show "Revolution" or the book series "Emberverse" would have fueled the genre.

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    a bit of a rant

    Quote Originally Posted by Hodo View Post
    The combat system while the basics of it are good, the implementation is, poor at best. Mainly because after, what two plus years there still isn't a ranged combat system, pole weapons (spears, poleaxes, and reach weapons) still don't exist.
    Yeah, what is going on with this?!?
    If I want to play things like Xsyon's current version, I can play Dwarf Fortress, UnReal World, Skyrim, Fallout, or any number of the other apocalyptic-style games that seem to be flooding the market these days...
    but I'd rather play an indie simulation/rpg sandbox game that is multiplayer (promise of Xsyon).

    I keep coming back to check in on this game (after I played and did most everything the game had to offer a while ago... )
    but each time I check back in, the time between check-ins gets further and further apart as I continue to see basically nothing happening, particularly with regard to even attempting realism in combat/hunting.
    Why have any violence allowed at all if it's going to be left in such a half-way-finished manner?
    Very disappointing to me, and I'm guessing most people.
    I don't think there are any other factors that are driving people away from playing Xsyon with such success (The Native American stylistics are just fine for example, as most people care about features and game play more than the window-dressing).
    -retired chief of Green Technology tribe, Sugarpine junkyard
    "I'm strong enough to survive alone. I'm smart enough to want companions at my side."

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    Wurm is a more utilitarian's sandbox game, whereas Xsyon is more of a creative's sandbox game. You can expect a harder, but more rewarding grind in Wurm, as well as a more complex game in terms of game mechanics. Xsyon is also quite grindy, but is more tedious than difficult. Progression in Xsyon is typically 'better' or 'looks different' -- encountering new mechanics is rare.

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