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    There's no thing like a free beer

    Can you give me quick rundown on what is available for free users and what's for premium ones? I don't think I want to play this game unless stuff is purely cosmetic (outfits, pets and so on).

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    mO.Om....peeks out from under his rock to help with an answer.

    First...if you had clicked on the link on the first login screen, it tells you what your limits are as FTP/unpaid citizen.

    As FTP your skills are capped at 30, you do not get a totem to place...thus you cannot make a tribe to have a safe area for your totem also means you cannot build, you cannot use xp point to further skills.
    As a paid Citizen, after your free 30 days and if you choose not to sub or pay for time ea month, you will drop down to a skill cap of 30 and cannot use the xp points...But, you still have a totem and you could still build to a certain extent.
    There is no cash shop in this game.
    Just so you have a breif history...this Game is run and developed by one person...There is talk of securing another server just for FTP with no limits except a time say 2 weeks. but this is still in disscussion.
    Bottom line...this game FTP/pay is no different than say..WoW. if you like what you see then help support its growth by purchasing the game.


    Oops....ill get slammed if i dont add this in...

    You may join a tribe and there are a few out there that will let a FTP build at a certain point. Building would still remain on the tribes property and then they may even ask you to build in a likewise style as they are currently doing.
    Being in a tribe will give you a safe place to store your stuff and the info available from the Tribe is as good or even better than what is in the tutorial.
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    mO.Om....peeks out from under his rock

    There is NO cash shop...there is no pay to win...just pay to play. the free to play really should be re named to trial....the trial gives you a taste and if you like it you pay. ive played all types of MMO's and this has nothing pay to win about it. RODE online is a PTW, Tera has been turned into a PTW. compare this to WoW but no quest or dungeons...its just you and what you do with whats in the world.


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    Want to see F2P done right? Play Path of Exile. I don't like diablo-like games, but this is great example of F2P done right.

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    Glorp has this exactly right. (and yes, it should be renamed Free Trial...would make things much easier ) Comparing this to WoW is about the closest comparison there is...that is accurate at least.

    There is a free play option for both, that is Xsyon it's limited by a skill cap (skills to 30) -- in WoW (last I checked anyway) it was limited by a level cap (level20...which in turn limits your professions levels, hmm). Both are free to play as long as you wish within those cap limits but you go no higher than the Xsyon however your exp points get saved so that you can use them when you do pay again. You won't be able to do all things in the game with either of those limits...but you can be much more productive and have more fun, even on a limited status, in Xsyon than in WoW IMO. Now, if you wish to remove the cap limits, you have to purchase the game...both cost money, both come with a free month of play time. After that month is up, you continue to pay each month to play with your character unlimited. The difference sets in when you don't pay your monthly Xsyon you get to logg in and play if you wish, but you get bumped back down to the cap limits -- in WoW you don't get to logg in, don't get to play; nothing until you pay your fee again.

    Xsyon is not a pay to win game....there's nothing to "buy". There's just play time to pay for...plain and simple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkhog View Post
    Want to see F2P done right? Play Path of Exile. I don't like diablo-like games, but this is great example of F2P done right.
    I love POE (Path of Exile) F2P system. Xsyon should be something like restricted F2P, or Trial without a time limit.

    I do not consider Xsyon P2W (pay to win) would say its pay to play, or a subscription based MMO, like many out there.

    A little too late to change the name of it from free to play to trial etc, but I never agreed really with the F2P system he wanted. I wanted other things, like resource cost on totems, and upkeep resources for totems and change a few other ways for a trial system that was limited in time.

    If you are looking to play Xsyon 100% free, I would suggest moving on to play another game to be honest. The free to play system is really to get your feet wet to try it, before buying/subscribing.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Xsyon is considering changes to the FTP model. Several options are being considered but the end result is he wants to give the trial players a full game experience. The devil is in the details.

    Just know he is aware of the limitations and has heard the feedback.

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    In that case, I will state my opinions/ideas.

    I think change the F2P to a trial for 2 weeks after which time you can subscribe or make a new account.
    This trial will have all the options of a full player for the first 2 weeks other than tribal size growth. They can start and lead a new tribe. The key would be requiring resources for placement of a new totem, and then upkeep on totems. This would allow people that are active to put down a totem IF they drop resources. I would expect the starting resources would be the building blocks and protections for a "totem" itself. Something like logs, rock, sand, and grass, which it would protect the area for 14 real days. After which, it would go into an upkeep phase every 10 days (use 10 days because it's the current upkeep timer).
    I would expect about 10-15 logs, 100 to 200 rock, 50 to 100 sand, 20 to 50 grass, with upkeep of a 1 person totem to be about 1/2 that amount.
    This would encourage players to do some gathering and trade, while discourage people to drop a totem to steal a cart or randomly build, people would put thought and time into it.

    With the 14 day trial people would be able to see all the things the game has to offer, with the options to be builders and terraforming, without the worry of massive pits everywhere.

    Key to my idea/opinion is the resource cost for the totems, they have to be low/easy enough for a new player to do without being a grind, but high enough to prevent exploiting it. By remaking new accounts to "hold" land all the time.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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