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    New patch crashes the client.

    Even after a re-install, each time I attempt to login to peace, the client crashes and stops.

    If We can't figure this out, It may well be the end of my playing xsyon.

    I was also never able to login to test for this same reason.

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    Sorry for your troubles. This seems to be an isolated case as there are a lot of players online. When did you try to log into the test server?

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    for the last few weeks actually.

    I have 3 computers, totally diff brands and builds, none can login to test, and now peace.

    Possibly due to my account?

    He is looking into it now though

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    The only constant is your internet connection then. Could be a timing/loading issue with the speed of your connection. He'll find it.

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    Now, I have also completely removed the game, re-downloaded it, updated the ati drivers to the latest, running on windows 7 pro 64bit, and have a 45 mb pipe here at work to connect with.

    I have been doing I.T. work for the last 35 years, and cannot see how it could be the internet or the connection, but I'll see what happens.

    I'm running an AMD Radeon(TM) HD8490 video card with the latest drivers

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    Mac, have you tried another account? Like a trial one to see maybe if its the account?

    IMO sounds more like an account issue to me than an internet issue.

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    I had the same problem, Mac, and it was caused by the antivirus software I use (Avast). When I turned it off temporary, the client ran fine. Perhaps it's worth a try for you too

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    Mac irun the same graphics card and no issues here also i have Avast running.
    so should be something else

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    interesting suggestions, but yes I have tried diff accounts on the computer. it seems limited to this one.

    No anti-virus running and it still crashes, also newest drivers and updated directx.

    It was running the game fine before the terrain patch

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    When you say "this one" you mean this account and not this computer correct?

    It's likely a data file issue with the way the items were "cleaned up" if I had to guess, as you couldn't log on test (with the new patch) and you can't log in live (with the new patch), on that account.

    Only way to fix it, IMO is Xsyon himself is to look at your toon.

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