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    Impromptu Treasure Hunt !

    Greetings survivors ! We will be having a Little basket hunt event Today Within the next Hour. This is an unscheduled even and just for fun. I will be hiding 5 baskets on the Peace server and 3 on the war. The baskets will be labeled Treasure Bin and contain a few useful items, with one special basket. I will announce the zones here shortly and in game.

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    Baskets are Now Hidden Let the fun begin.
    Peace Bins can be found IN
    Z:741 Found.
    Z:901 Found.
    Z:1017 Found.
    Z:856 Found.
    Z:854 Found.

    All bins have been found on the peace server. I hope everyone had fun, an congrats to the winners.

    War Bins, Given the lower amount of players ill give some fun clues.
    Z:1016 In spring im gay in handsome array:in summer more clothing i wear;when colder it grows i fling off my clothes; and in winter quite naked appear. FOUND

    Z:741 what has roots as nobody sees, is taller then trees, up,up it goes and yet never grows.

    Z:864 Found

    I will be in Game please let me know when you find one so we can remove it from the list. TY
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    mO.Om....peeks out to find a bin

    Pretty sad when a guide sets up an event, services the pve server but then only checks in once on the pvp. all i would like to have done is a bin verification so i dont waste the whole nite away serching for something that might not be there.


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    Someone call whine one one and get the whambulance

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    Glorp, I was on the PVP server for 4 Hours from the time it started checking my bins the same as pve and out of the 2 players that were on pvp at the time not one mentioned finding a basket. I treated pve in the same manner, I only up updated if asked or if someone found a baskets. After a long time with no players active on pvp it was time for me to log as I had already spent 8 hrs in game helping others. I dont know where you get pve was getting better service as it was the exact same for both, only the amount of people and activity on the server made it seem that way.
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    mO.Om.... peeks out to get a ride in the Wambulance.

    Ok...i realize you have a rl just like we do. I spent 12 hrs in game divided between all the bin zones. I also understand this event was created ona whim but sure would have been nice to have a backup to chk the bins. Even now after your answer I am wondering if any of the bins are still there to see if i will log on and continue the search. Fine, I deserve a testy answer for my testy question but an anouncement just before you logged stating the current status would have been nice.

    crawls back under his rock to look under the world for the bins

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    once again all you needed to do is check the forums. I kept it updated just as i did before you posted this if you look at the original post. I will be in game as always if you need anything else and will post here as Bins are found.

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    Bin in zone 1016 found

    Neener Neener

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    mO.Om....peeks out from under his rock

    Well, 5 days of searchin zone 741....riddle answer is way too vague...a Mountain. Searched all the crevices on the sides...searched all rocks and behind all trees...chopped small forrests down. either its not there or it has dropped into the terrain. i heard there was a second clue given but its not posted. If 1016 was the good bin then id say delete the last bin and call the hunt should not take 5 days of serching to find a bin.

    Hops back into the Wambulance and rides back home

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    Bin in 741 is still there, just checked. I will not Delete the bin it will remain till its found how ever long that may be. To be honest I really did not try that hard to hide these bins. I simply ran to a spot dropped it and checked the coords. I will give the hint its on limestone but this is as far as I go. GL to any who still wish to look.

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