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    so i have been wondering about this game. how can it be free if it charges money? is it like wurm online? if so would i be better off playing wurm online?

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    There is a F2P option AND there is a purchase/subscribe option.

    With F2P you are free to play your character at any time for as long as you like, but your skills are limited to 30 and you aren't allowed to start your own tribe (tho you may join someone else's...there are tribes that will take you in and give you a good home, show you the ropes, etc). This is really more like a free trial to see if you like the game, but many play as F2P and have a good time doing it. There is much that can be done even as a F2P member....finding the right tribe that suits you helps this tremendously.
    If you purchase the game, (first month of game time is included with the purchase) you'll gain the ability to start your own tribe, and with your sub you will be able to work any skills you like with no cap, and are able to spend your exp points. If you don't sub after your first month, you maintain the right to start/lead your tribe and have your land, but the skill cap goes back into effect (tho any points you've gained aren't lost, just hidden while you aren't subbed). If you continue to subscribe monthly after that, it remains the same....allowed to start/lead your tribe, no skill cap, able to spend exp points.

    Try the game, if you like the Dev so he can continue to improve the game.

    The game, if given a chance, does have a habit of sucking people in. Again, the best way to find out what it's like or what it's about is to try it out.

    Something to mention....there are two servers. Both do have people playing on them. Peace (PVE) is more populated and chatty, has more active tribes and people willing to talk with you, answer questions, help you out, etc. whereas War (PVP) tends to be fairly quiet and you feel more like it's really you against the world. Some go into War and think it's isn't, folks there just tend to keep to themselves a bit. Depending on when you play, you will still find some that are willing to chat and help you out though too. Which server to choose (you can have a character on each) is about what you're looking for from the game.

    As for Wurm....I'm sure others will chime in, I can't really give you much info personally. I played Wurm very briefly (didn't care for it much) and then tried Xsyon and never went back.

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    Dear Nick,

    The free to play is more a trial the same as in wurm where free to play is not aviable option for a serious player.
    I played both games and i have liked both games, i say liked because Wurm messed up because of the greediness of the maker.
    Xsyon is atm the cheapest sandbox MMO to play out there as premium not only gives you full skilling abilities but also land to build on.
    Best thing is to try it out, join a tribe and see if you like it, I for one keep returning to xsyon as i like my freedom.

    I wish you good luck in youre endavours

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick2129 View Post
    so i have been wondering about this game. how can it be free if it charges money? is it like wurm online? if so would i be better off playing wurm online?
    The game is free to play, it has limits as others have said.
    Paying for the game gives you some options (like able to create your own clan/tribe).
    Paying monthly (the first month is included when you buy the game) gives you more options, like skills will be able to go past 30 (100 skill is cap).

    A lot of people will say this is pay to win, but really its the typical subscription model. The free to play really should be called an endless trial, anyone really into the game will see the advantage of going subscription.

    As far as Wurm online vs Xsyon, I like Xsyon better because I think the graphics are better, and how you build allows for more options. Plus the feel of the game is much better in Xsyon.
    Wurm online has a lot of good things going for it, healing, damage, magic, economy, monster AI, crafting system etc. But I just can't get past those things I said because they are huge, much the same reason I can't play UO anymore because I can't get past the outdated 2d/3d graphics, no matter how well everything else is, I just can't play it.

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