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    Feedback Request 08/01/2014: Farming and Cooking (Test Server)

    The upcoming massive Farming and Cooking update is ready for final tests on the Test Server!

    *Important* The server will up and down today as I find and fix issues. During this time you may time out logging in. I will remove this note when I'm done with the minor issues.

    - Cooking is accessed by right clicking a lit fire. This gives the Roast option.
    - The cooking panel allows you to create a custom recipe from a set of Primary, Secondary and Seasoning ingredients.
    - As you gain skill you can combine more ingredients to create a recipe.
    - You can scroll through the recipe levels to create simpler recipes below your current level.
    - Food ingredients include animal parts, fish, foraged plants and grown crops.
    - Items serve as either primary and secondary ingredients or secondary and seasoning ingredients.
    - The effectiveness of the resulting food item is determined by your cooking skill, cooking stats and the quality of your cooking utensils.

    Cooking Properties and Buffs
    - Food ingredients combine to create food with various properties.

    - Primary ingredients provide 4 types of buffs:
    -- Health - restores health quickly as you eat.
    -- Energy - restores energy quickly as you eat.
    -- Health rate - increases health restoration rate for a set period of time.
    -- Energy rate - increases energy restoration rate for a set period of time.

    - Secondary ingredients provide a stat change buff that increases one stat and decreases another.

    - Seasonings provided 4 types of effects:
    -- Power - increases the power of applied positive stats buffs.
    -- Mitigation - reduces the stat loss of applied negative stat buffs.
    -- Duration - increases the duration of your applied rate and stat buffs.
    -- Consumption - reduces the time it takes to eat a food item.

    - Buffs applied by consumed food appear in your buff display with timers showing the time left on the buff.
    - Food buffs are lost if you die.
    - You can only gain stat buffs from your most recently eaten food. Eating food without stat buffs will not affect any currently applied stat buffs.

    Cooking flavors
    - Each food item has a flavor type.
    - Primary flavors are: Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter and Savory
    - Secondary flavors are: Pungent (spicy), and Astringent and Cool (minty)
    - Combine flavors to create a balanced taste for best results.
    - Too many mixed flavors or too much of a flavor type will affect your final recipe.

    - You can save recipes that you like in your cookbook. The cookbook can be opened from the cooking panel.
    - You name your saved recipe and this name appears on your cooked product.
    - The number of recipes you can save is noted in your cookbook.
    - The number of recipes you can save is determined by your skill and intelligence.
    - Saved recipes are tracked for usage (use count displays after the recipe's name).
    - Recipes that are used 1000 times become 'signature dishes'.
    - Signature dishes are denoted in purple and give a chance of increased power and duration.
    - Your chance of extraordinary results is increased by your charm.

    Food decay and storage
    - Food ingredients and cooked food rot quickly over time if not properly stored.
    - Special food baskets and pouches reduce food decay by up to 200% based on the quality of the basket.
    - Food baskets protect a specific type of food (meat, fish, plants or cooked products).
    - Food basket and pouch recipes can be gained by characters with a basketry skill over 80.

    - Food can be further protected by storing your food in baskets kept in a commissary.
    - Tribes of Band size and larger can set 1 to 4 buildings as commissaries.
    - To set a building as a commissary, right click the building to bring up the 'Set Use' option.
    - Commissaries reduce decay on food items stored there by up to an additional 200% based on the quality of the building.

    - Farming skill added to the character's skill and action lists.
    - Farming action opens a farming panel, with one action, plowing.
    - Plowing prepares a tile of terrain for planting seeds.
    - Plowing requires a shovel.
    - New crop plants can be found through foraging.
    - Extract seeds from crop plants. Right click for the menu. Extract one or extract all.
    - Plant seeds on plowed terrain. Right click seeds to plant.

    Plants gauges
    Sun Level - Currently this is constant.
    Water Level - Decreases every update. Increases through watering.
    Weeds Level - Weeds have a chance of growing or increasing every update. Cleared by tending.
    Pest Level - Pests have a chance of appearing or increasing every update. Cleared by tending.
    Fertilizer Level - Decreases every update. Increased through adding fertilizer (currently guts).
    Growth Level - Increases every update based sun, water, fertilizer and tending levels.

    Right click a plant to perform the following actions
    Water Plant- Requires a full water skin in your packs. Fills the water level of the plant.
    Clear Weeds - Clears weeds from the plant.
    Clear Pests - Clears pests from the plant.
    Fertilize - Increases the fertilizer level of the plant. Requires animal guts in your packs.
    Harvest - Available only when the plant is ready. Only the farmer (owner) can harvest the plant.
    Destroy - Available only for the owner or for any tribe member if the plant is dead.

    Tending your plants
    - Immediately water your plant. You will need a full water skin in your packs.
    - Plants update once every game day.
    - Check your plant once per real day (or as you desire) to ensure the plant is well tended.
    - Plants that lack water or tending will wilt and eventually die from neglect.
    - Plants reaching maximum age will die. Days left in the plant's life cycle show in the plant's info display.
    - Plants can be harvested when they reach 75% growth.
    - Plants yield more produce as they continue to grow (up to 100%).

    Well tended plants grow faster. The goal is to tend your plants well so that they can reach maximum growth (100%) before they reach maximum age.

    - With your Farming panel open all nearby plants will display their information.

    - Skewer recipes added as first set of cooking utensils.

    - Salt is found as a rare item on sand surfaces.
    - Tar is found as a rare item on basalt surfaces.
    - Leaves and sap are found as rare items on forest surfaces near trees.
    - Butcher option available on creatures to allow gathering of animal meat.

    - Buffs sorted in a better specific order.

    - You can now eat while sitting.
    - Buffs that increase health or energy while eating apply the same while sitting or standing.
    - Terraforming animations and shovel position corrected and improved.
    - Shovel models re-sized to be consistent.


    Still to be done
    - Revision of food ingredient base duration.
    - Revision of calories for food ingredients that can be eaten raw.
    - Skill requirements for growing different crops.

    For near future patches
    - Grass planting on tribe land
    - Tools required for all farming actions.
    - Provision upkeep requiring food, provides a select-able farming or cooking bonus.
    - A secret surprise improvement for foraging and growing crops.

    Under consideration
    - Hoe added as a tool for plowing and a weapon.
    - Performing actions (water, tend, fertilize) on all nearby plants (range determined by skill).

    - For testing purposes only, homestead can set 1 commissary.
    - Crop plants are easier to find than they will be in the final update.

    A lot of changes and finishing of systems has gone into this update. I may have missed some changes in the descriptions above.

    Cooking will be easily expanded to other cooking types such as boiling, smoking and baking, requiring new equipment and utensils and providing slightly different results.


    Primarily I am looking for feedback on any bugs, missing art, or anything that seems to be working incorrectly with the new systems.

    Secondarily I am looking for feedback on any adjustable variables (farming times, buff power, buff duration etc.) that do not seem balanced.

    Please keep feedback short and sweet to best assist me in getting this update to the public!

    I hope you all enjoy this upcoming big update!
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    Unable to connect to the test server. Tried 3 diff toons, even using a different connection.

    Update, able to log on now, but the server got locked up and rolled back or something.
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    I try to login to the Test server and i get a timeout...have tried to restart game 3 times with same result


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    The server will be up and down. I posted a note regarding this above. Thanks!

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    Yes... our Xsyon is with this patch on the next Phase to be ready and complete ...

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    Fish aren't being consumed when eaten raw, doesn't matter if it's one fish or a full stack, you will still have them after you've filled your nourishment bar.


    So far the only way I've found to remove plowed land is to raise/lower terrain, can you link it to the clear terrain function under terraforming please.
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    Crafting armors with bonuses are giving 2x the bonus, it lists the bonuses 2 times and also gives the bonus 2 times.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    If your cooking a stack and the utensil breaks, then cooking doesn't finish instead it gives you a missing utensil message for the remainder of the stack.


    some bins/containers have developed a bug where they open but don't show the contents on screen, if it happens to a bin in a cart then you can't use the cart any more as the bin remains open, even apparently after relogging.
    After checking my bins I started getting a maximum containers open message even though I only had one cart open.
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    The bin bug is same but different for me. if a bin in the cart is opened in the cart....some open but do not show on screen. you can walk away from that area but it does not close...says bin is already open. You can attach to your cart with that bin open and it does not close it. eventually you will have too many invisible bins open and no more bins are allowed to be opened. I relogged but this did not change. I then went to the peace server and the bins work normal so this is on test only.


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    Regarding bin issue: I walked up to a chief tent, tried opening it, can't- get message "already open by me" (it wasn't). Walking away did nothing. Other containers worked as normal.

    When fertilizing plants I get the scavenging animation and sound, seems kinda weird IMO! The foraging, or perhaps the pulling sand animation would make more sense.

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