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Thread: Features List

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    Features List

    What caught your attention and interest in Xsyon based on the Features List?

    For me, it was the way crafting/building/gathering aspects was described.

    What are you most looking forward to based on the Features List?

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    Re:Features List

    The Unknown

    The full features of the Xsyon online game world will never be fully disclosed. Part of the fun in playing is discovering the unknown. New features, skills, objects and creatures will typically be discovered in game before they are officially announced. A few hints to spark the minds of new Xsyon players:


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    Re:Features List

    The fact that you can terraform the world, the fact that you can build any building wherever you want instead of only in certain places (AoC/Df), the fact that there are no NPC's, how the game's constantly evolving (advancing in ages) and how the combat system was described.

    I know it sounds like a lot, but this game sounds like a dream to me lol.

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    Re:Features List

    Pretty much the entire list for me, but these two stand out for me.

    -Character actions are tracked for Good, Evil, Law, Chaos, Karma and Luck. These factors affect creature reactions, town status, reputation and skills.

    -Characters achieving the Supreme Master level of craftsmanship work with the Xsyon team to introduce a crafted item of their own design.

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    Re:Features List

    Speed Tree 5.1
    Speed Grass 4

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    Re:Features List

    The fact that they say that their is no ganking/ griefing I get hard thinking about ways I can get around it......... Ps this shit loads slower then he'll on an I phone pm me for naked pics of this sslutty bitch who won't stop texn me

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    Re:Features List

    Someones having a good night

    P.S pix plz

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    Re:Features List


    Of course the troll had to have his say.

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    Re:Features List

    I basically see this game as a next-generation Wurm.

    The draws for me are:

    1) Better graphics for avatars

    2) Innovation of crafting - somehow it is supposed to be posible for two people to create better items than one person can, if I undertand correctly.

    3) Integration of high skill crafters in the development of equipment over time.

    Pretty much everything else, Wurm already has.

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    Re:Features List

    Tribes having a real purpose in this game in terms of territorial control with tools to affect that territory and game content in general.

    No longer will game content be fixed and predictable.

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