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    Feedback Request 08/25/2014 - Farming & Cooking Bugs

    Please report any bugs or problems you find with the Farming & Cooking update here.

    This discussion is for bugs or potential bugs only. Please provide balance feedback and improvement suggestions in the other thread.


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    My Alt account which contains the character Resolyn has been doing cooking. So far have the following to report:

    Cooking Recipe: "Whitefish Kebab"
    Recipe Type: Minimal Recipe
    Primary Ingredient: Mountain Whitefish
    Secondary Ingredient: N/A
    Seasoning: N/A

    After making 1000 of the the above the Recipe in my cookbook changed name to "*"

    When loading the recipe the correct name of "Whitefish Kebab" appears in the roast window (Cookbook window still shows "*" when I reopen it.

    There is no longer any count of the number of the recipe you have made (which is fine since it's no longer relevant, I'm just giving the information for completeness)

    Approximately around 7%~10% of the time when cooking the recipe past 1000 I get the message "you've created a special signature dish".

    Neither the recipe, the regular output from the recipe or the output from when I get the message "You've created a special signature dish" appears in any special colour.

    The special output appears exactly identical to the regular output and they stack with each other.

    I also tested by making 1 Kebab at a time, putting the regular output into a separate bag until I got a special output and then compared, results were also identical in terms of all item details.

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    I've fixed the text on signature dishes. It should now display the name with an * and the text should display in purple.

    Regarding the resulting dish, signature dishes that succeed have applied bonus modifiers enhanced. This only works on recipes that actually have bonus modifiers, which are applied by seasonings. So it's actually working as intended, but I was not clear enough on how these work.

    I've changed the code so that only correct dishes with seasonings will display as signatures dishes with the * and the purple text. This currently applies only to the text in your cook book and not in the cooked food result.

    I'll make some further improvements to make signature dishes more clear in the near future.

    Thanks for catching this!

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    You sure it's seasonings that apply the bonus? I thought it was the secondary?

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    Yes, signature dishes enhance bonus modifiers, not including the consumption rate modifier.

    So if your seasoning provides a stat bonus modifier, stat mitigation modifier or duration modifier, the modifier is increased if the result is a signature dish.

    If your seasoning applied a modifier to stat bonuses a secondary ingredient that actually applies a stat bonus is of course required for the modifier to actually be applied.

    I hope that clears it up!

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    Issues with plant maturity resetting after a server forced shutdown.

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    have anyone found in SAND--->SALT or in BASALT--->TAR?
    i search now hours of hours and i found nothing...(

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    I found salt, once, and was able to pull 8 from that one drop. I have been running on sand a lot and so it seems pretty rare. Havent seen tar but haven't looked for it yet...

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    Found 6 salt in one spawn. Haven't looked for tar as I have some on hand.

    The distance which things block plowing is very small. Tried to plow a new row next to my 1st row and was blocked by plants growing in the 1st row.
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    There is an issue with saving recipes with no secondary ingredients.

    The recipe is saved as having the secondary ingredients listed but at 0/1 instead of being totally blank, making it impossible to actually cook that recipe when loaded from the cookbook.

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