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    Do I need a tibe when just starting out? If so....

    I am starting playing today? Should I explore a bit first , then join up with a tribe? Or, is it best to just start of with a group? Either way, I am looking to do that.

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    First, Welcome to Xsyon! I would find a tribe to join. There are many recruiting right now. Ask in general chat when you are in game. The Xsyon community is very friendly and there always seems to be someone on at all times of the day or night.
    Safe Travels!

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    Welcome again !

    Depends on your play style and if you pay or are FTP. Either way imo, a tribe can offer you some perks to help make the start of your adventures a bit smoother, namely FOOD, which the latest patch was and now you can actually die from starvation.

    The PVE server is the most populated. The PVP server is sort of dead but is great if you want to solo or want all what the game is about. Either server most people are very helpful. PVP even on the PVP server is fairly non existant meaning there are no griefers (yet). being a new player...most would not kill you since you have nothing of value to them...they may however kill you for your food or take your pants to humiliate you.
    Both servers are fun.

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    I would recommend putting off joining a tribe for a while. A tribe can give you too much and take out most of the challenge and fun of becoming self sufficient. By all means ask questions in general chat and do not be afraid to accept handouts of things you may really need (pliers, pouches, emergency food). Do be afraid of bears and coyotes.

    Explore for a while, die, find your way back, learn how to run from danger. Learn how to feed yourself. It's not really hard

    Learn what tribes are active during the time you regularly play. Currently FTP players cannot found homesteads, so if you want to build you will need to join a tribe that allows FTP players to build.

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    This game will not run for me. I have tried lowering all the settings. Everything is really laggy and the frame rate is terrible. I can run MMO games that need way higher system requirements. So, unfortunately I have to pass on this game. Sucks because it actually looked good on YouTube.

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    Send in a support ticket. Most players do not have your problem.

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    Ok, I will try that for sure, Thanks.

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