Dateline: Lake Tahoe, sometime after the fall of human civilization.

This is to announce a change in the Pawnee leadership.

LaughingOak has been acting as leader for some time now, but is not going to be able to play much,
So I have come out of retirement to take over the wheel.

We have made a few changes in how the tribe will operate, and how we will do recruiting.

First off there will now be a two week probation for all new members.
This is to allow enough time to get to know each other and find how
a new member can fit into the tribe as a contributing member.

At the end of the two weeks, we will as a group decide if the new member should become a full member or we part ways.

With the steam release very close, We need a way to maintain a friendly and peaceful tribe that can work well with the community, and this will give us that, and protect us from those few players just looking to leech or cause problems.

We have also changed our policy on who can build in the tribe. New members that purchase and then sub will be allowed to build on a 16x16 plot. New members that are f2p will be allowed to learn how to build and can level architect but won't be giving a permanent plot to build on. They will however be given a private apartment to store their gear, carts, and baskets.

Trading with other tribe will be a big part of what we want to do as a tribe so if any of the new tribes would be interested in setting up a trade totem please whisper Sharitarish and drop by.

The Pawnee is an established tribe with experienced players that can give any new player guidance. We can help you learn how to survive in style here, but will not be providing much beyond starter gear. This is to help the new players also learn to make for them selves and give them a real reason to play the game.

If anyone out there is interested in Joining The New and Improved Pawnee tribe, Please contact by whisper, either Myself, ( Sharitarish ) or Tupux, or Prim for info and directions on how to get here.

I hope to meet everyone of you and see you in game!