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    Cool Xsyon Multilevel Building Tutorial

    Given that new players can now terraform and build structures during thier trial periods I thought this might be helpful. Over the last week or more I've been building a new home from the ground up on the PvP server and I've turned it into a tutorial for you so that you can build your own multilevel structure, feel free to leave a comment on the video to let me know what you think!

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    Nice video Rahl. Should help some new players on the troubles of terraforming/multilevel building.

    Also note, I believe Xsyon is in the works of changing how we build so we might get this to be easier soon!

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    Thanks for sharing this video, you do a great job showing & explaining what's necessary to properly build like this.

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    Thanks, there is about 16 hours worth video there that's been clipped and sped up x15 so its not a very fast process. Have patience and believe me the finished product is very gratifying.
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    This video is LONG overdue, you did a GREAT job, I'm sure it will help many people

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