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    Feedback Request 10/26/2014 - Bug Squashing Session

    The Test Server is up with some bug fixes and improvements. I would like confirmation on the fixes and feedback on any listed issues that were not fully resolved.

    The following needs checking:

    Movement on slopes revised
    - Does movement up slope still properly slow you down?
    - You should now be able to jump over pits without getting blocked by an invisible wall at the far side of the pit. Is this working correctly?
    - The following situations should be corrected now:
    Invisible Wall
    Invisible Wall
    - Do you notice any new problems moving up or down slopes with these changes?

    Architecture search
    Some players were crashing when typing in the architecture panel search box. The fix for this has already been patched to the Main Servers. If you were having this problem before, is the search box functioning correctly for you now?

    International keyboard issues
    Problems with international keyboard should be fixed now. Some characters will still not be available, but they should not cause any crashes or strange behavior. The following bugs should be fixed. If you can confirm any of these fixes this please post below. These happened usually with Dutch or German keyboards.

    Problems with Keys Keys such as ' : ; = + { } [ ] should function in chat for all keyboards now
    Number 7 Not Working All number keys should work properly for all keyboards now. Number pad should also function properly in chat.
    Crash with International Characters International characters should not enter now and should not cause crashes when typed.

    Other Issues
    Hiding When Trading Carts This problem should no longer happen.

    If any of these still seem to be a problem or if you can confirm they are fixed, please post. Thanks!

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    Nice work on these!

    I can confirm that in my testing you have squished the bugs with the invisible walls. It works great now. I can jump over any size hole without getting stuck.

    I didn't have a problem with the architecture search but it appears to be working fine.

    Slowing going up the hill works nicely.

    All in all, very nice update. Thanks for the great work!

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    Typing in arch window no longer causes crashes. Going up inclines does slow you down and seems to be working correctly.
    Great Job! Thanks for the fixes!

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    At roughly 30% of the time when I jump across holes/ trenches I'm still hitting the invis. wall.

    Other recent features seem to be working great.

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    Would you be able to post a few locations with trenches or holes that still have the problem for you? I'd like to check these directly.


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    Sure. When I can get in game (about 5 hours from now) I'll retrace my route and post the location(s).

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    First place I tried I'm having the problem, on first jump.
    979 / 502.03 / 214.97 ,Just behind Xsyon Traders tribe (PvE Server).

    SS attached.
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    Just to make sure, are you encountering the invisible walls on slopes on the Test Server or on the PvE Server only?

    The changes to collision have been made only to the Test Server right now. If you haven't checked this location on the Test Server, please do and let me know the results.


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    Ahhhhh, ok, that is most likely the problem. I saw several patches over the last few days and assumed the wall issue was already patched to PvE. I'll check this out on test. Sorry for the confusion.

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