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    where did everyone go?

    This game was looking really good for sometime now it's like a ghost town

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    Quote Originally Posted by verano View Post
    This game was looking really good for sometime now it's like a ghost town
    Most active games I have seen that are this sandboxy are active due to a hardcore PVP crowd.

    I'm sure the new features are great and I haven't played in 6 months or more, I can't even remember how long it's been. But for the game to stay active, people need more reason to be online other than

    There needs to be a core strife in which players who have little to do in terms of building or learning skills can do as endgame. PVP, hard world bosses...

    All I know is when I first got into this game over 3.5 years ago, I thought it was going to be one massive "build and defend your territory" which had my interest peaked like none other. There are other games like that, but not with the high customization of building. Also the other games didn't allow enemies to be so close together like Xsyon does.

    Xsyon should make a 3rd server if there was a high enough demand for safe zones off (and an additional 5-10 zones where tribes who live there get a huge world buff, but in these 5-10 zones you can exactly have your totem stolen. Then in the zones we already have, no stealing of totem, just lootable baskets and PVP allowed.

    Siege only in the 5-10 zones.

    Just my two cents.


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    Fun combat, siege and strife would make this game better than any out there (that I am aware of, I've played most of the sandboxes)


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    Xsyon and PVP do not mix, Xsyon himself doesnt want pvp in the game, never really did. Having any type of time and focus on this aspect is a waste of breath and time. No matter how many people want it, it will not see the light of day. Even if some work was done on it, it would be much like you saw on the original (now called war) where combat was 1/2 assed and for almost no reason.

    I think pvp content is one of the easiest to code for indy devs which is why you see it in sandbox games, plus it's mostly considered "sandbox" to have full loot and free choice (including open world PVP).

    But like you said, there needs to be reasons and at least some system for it. How long were we told "Tribes will have the option to turn off safety" but without a reason to turn it off why would anyone do it? It's just a silly token nod to the PVP crowd. Even then you still do not see the option in game.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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