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Thread: what community

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    what community

    after a try to talk in global .... nothing
    wait ... a response , no stupid talk here please
    so , is this a single player game ?
    that person told me , 100 and more people are online , just don't talk ?
    bull , so please , with steam not far , change that attidude of ignoring others
    after all , its a mmo ?

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    It is very possible that it was a bit too early for the american crowd.

    That being said, we have been having a bit of quiet of late and I'm curious myself.

    BUT.. I can tell you there are many that play regularly and many all day from across the planet, so please try again.
    This is not like many of the other games you have played. It does have many devoted players, but many including myself don't chat much in global, but prefer to chat in tribe or privately.

    Global can sometimes get a few irritable players that seem bent on causing others stress with over-reactions to minor issues or differences of opinions. Lately this is true for global and may be another part of your noticing a momentary slowdown in chatter.
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    Cheem, not sure what you call "many" but Xsyon has few people playing it.

    The lack of chat in global has less to do with people wanting to talk in it and more to do with there is likely less than 100 people online total at any time of the day.

    I've found that MOST people do talk in global here or there, but likely when its busy in their tribe or global is busy they don't chat in it.

    I know few very people that play this game weekly that never chat in global.

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