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    Feedback Request 11/17/2014 - Code Improvements

    The Main Servers have been updated with some bug fixes and improvements.

    Full notes are here

    The code improvements may not be noticeable (in some cases they shouldn't be) but they streamline several systems and prevent intermittent problems that some players experience.

    I could use assistance checking the following:

    1) Keybinds. The Keybind system has been completely revised to fix some old problems. I need the following checked:

    - Set different keys for every keybind. Use Apply to save them.
    - Restore without applying to make sure keys are set to their previously saved state.
    - Use backspace to clear keys.
    - Use Set Default to restore keys to their default bindings.
    - Log out and back in to make sure keybinds are saved properly.
    - Set all keys to blank. Log out and back in. Set keys to proper binds and make sure they work.

    Test keys in game after each test.

    Note: Switching between the Test Server and the Main Servers may cause your keybinds to become messed up. To fix the issue and retrieve the default keybinds you can always delete the Keybind file in your Xsyon/Save directory.

    2) Loading and Zone Crossing. Load to the world and cross zones to make sure everything is loading fine without any missing buildings or objects. It should be fine but I’ve streamlined the process a bit and it needs testing.

    3) Some players mentioned having problems stuck going up ramps or on some gate thresholds. These situations should be fixed with this build.

    If you encounter problems with any of the above or can confirm that everything seems ok, please post below.

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