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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    i agree with cho, its an exploid and even if boulders are supposed to be safe spots, combat shouldnt work on it. melee or range doesnt matter. a full hp reset if a mob loose the target would be a good solution, or just a perm miss if you are close to rocks/ on rocks. this way it would still work for recovery, but open field combat is neccesairy.

    if we listen to znaiika, we will be able to skin knifeblades soon, so nvm! pretty sure jordi will not mess up the whole combat couz one player is crying, and there is always someone left behind and crying anyway.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Multi story, issue is not the same as this.
    First Xsyon wanted multi story in but hasn't done the coding. He even said players found a way to do it, and he isnt going to work on the code right now because of this work around players have done.

    Allowing players to kill the hardest monsters in the game with no risk? Clearly an exploit. Xsyon has not come out and said "Yep working as intended" in fact according to this post he is removing the exploit.

    Don't confuse lack of fixing something for support of it. If that is the case, the trees at the bottom of the lake would be "intended" right?

    It makes no sense to make tiered levels of difficulty of animals only to have it subverted by an exploit that requires no skill, or gear, or resources to do.

    This exploit does distract from features in the game. Things like armor, healing systems etc. If you can't be touched by an animal and you can kill it. There is a problem, as it requires ZERO skill to do. Every game I've ever played has called this an exploit. It was the same problem with animals not attacking back in water.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    So for us new players there is going to be no way to do bone crafting. You took human bones out of the game, now you want to make it imposable to hunt ANYTHING we need in early bone crafting. How about some low level dog and cat outfits. Some thing to make hunting for bone crafting worthwhile. Bone pegs? thousands and thousands to get recipes for human bones. Just makes no sense and now you want to take more away from newer players?.
    If we have no way to regenerate during a fight we, lower level players, will not be able to kill anything until we MAX out all other things. This is one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard
    Why keep making it harder, if not imposable, for the newer players? If the noobs cant hunt meaningful items the they will just move on to a game that has more fighting.
    It takes me and my partner over 2 hours to kill a bear in the 200s that seems about right for now. why change it?
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Dabent, you can heal in a fight. I've done it many times. You simply just move away out of its range and stop moving. Players are faster than animals, and much faster if they use sprint.

    About the bone issue, I agree.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    1) Creatures currently run full speed up slopes. Terrain needs to affect creatures as it does players.

    2) Creatures sometimes go through walls. This is due to the path finding blocking system which needs to be improved.

    7) Creatures need proper collision on ramps.

    8) Creatures need to either attack players on boulders or run away, avoid them and reset.

    9) Creatures should not be able to attack players on walls above them.

    11) Any desynch with creatures needs to be dealt with as best as possible. Desynch is well explained in a link provided by one of our players [B]here
    All the issues above either breaks immersion or are highly illogical and I'm happy you look into them. I have abused the #8 but always felt bad about it. Rocks should not work as a paladin bubble in wow, that is just plain silly. Personally I can't see how people can defend that bug/exploit/crap.

    Of all the issues above, though, I hope you manage to fix the de-sync because that one really made me loose interest in combat at all when I was playing. I don't have to draw you a picture, it was just utterly bad. The article you linked to was a very good reading and suggests a few things you could do to make combat more fluid and pleasant (duh!).

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post

    12) Ranges need to be adjusted. Most likely we need to go with less realistic melee ranges in favor of more playable ranges (like in many other games).
    Sound good. Allowing for longer ranges and wider arcs (makes facing less of an issue) should reduce the number of misses a bit, which compensates for issues due to de-sync. It breaks logic and immersion a bit, but for the good in this case.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    some new issues:

    rev's and big critters seems to be able to sprint now. they can run faster than a player with low weight and on perfect surface.

    another bug, which supports the sprint bug is that critters who are permanent close enough to a player ignore attackspeed and hit a few times per second. to reproduce this bug please get chased by a critter and run up a mountain with granite surface. best would be if its a very steep slope but still possible to go upwards.

    speed critters do "sometimes" the same, they are perm close to the center of a player where hits count, and they hit without delays.

    the center of a player where he can get hit is about 1x1 meter ( compared with the meters of a square in this game ). problem is that this center is was to large to the high and also to the underground. a critter can hit you up and downwards a hill without being close to you if the slope is steep enough. that should be balanced as well.

    small mutant critter have a very high hitrange which is about 3x of the range a player needs to hit them.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Pean points out some issues, however, some are not fully true either.

    Note that the range on the small animals is not 3x longer than a player can hit them, it just looks disportial. So if you see a shadowbear hits about 4m to 7 meters away. Normal player range is about 1m to 3 meters away. Small animals (rats, rabbits etc) have about a range of 1m to 3m. But being they are so small its looks like they are hitting from far away.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Please don't take away safe places such as rocks and boulders. There are some who do not like to hunt. I like to go scavenging a long ways from my tribe. Its frustrating enough to have to travel a longs ways in the game. If you take away the boulders as safe area from the animals then what will players like myself do to avoid dying from a coyote attack? I understand it can be exploited when hunting but please find another solution. I like the idea that MrDDt suggested. Have the animals reset and their HP go up, maybe even instantly.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    no need to remove them, just full hp reset if a player reach a boulder.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    I have to agree wit Atavia on this one.

    LIFE HAPPENS! Baby's head hit floor, diapers need changing, phone rings, wife agro, on and on. If there is no place to "pause" the game then we have to log off every time life happens. If this is a true sandbox game then anyway a player finds to play it than GOOD! We are not top of the food chain because we did find ways to kill things bigger than us. If no rock why not build a short narrow fence trap the bear and kill him like a cow. That's what I did. I needed bear bones so I got some. I have now moved on to fighting bears in the open. WAY to much fun to just use fires. Those who use the rocks will move on just like I did. We all have to start some where.

    No way to "pause" means logging off every time some little thing happens. If that's the case it will become just to much of a pain in the ass to log back on. Leave the rocks the way they are we ALL use them from time to time. If you don't like hunting from a rock, don't hunt from a rock. If you don't like others hunting from rock, don't watch them. Are they going to kill the bears? At 100hp I can kill bears under and up to 400 (no rocks) but I do not care what you say there is no way we (yes we) could kill a 450 with all the damn rocks in the game.

    Life happens.
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