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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabent View Post
    I have to agree wit Atavia on this one.

    LIFE HAPPENS! Baby's head hit floor, diapers need changing, phone rings, wife agro, on and on. If there is no place to "pause" the game then we have to log off every time life happens. If this is a true sandbox game then anyway a player finds to play it than GOOD! We are not top of the food chain because we did find ways to kill things bigger than us. If no rock why not build a short narrow fence trap the bear and kill him like a cow. That's what I did. I needed bear bones so I got some. I have now moved on to fighting bears in the open. WAY to much fun to just use fires. Those who use the rocks will move on just like I did. We all have to start some where.

    No way to "pause" means logging off every time some little thing happens. If that's the case it will become just to much of a pain in the ass to log back on. Leave the rocks the way they are we ALL use them from time to time. If you don't like hunting from a rock, don't hunt from a rock. If you don't like others hunting from rock, don't watch them. Are they going to kill the bears? At 100hp I can kill bears under and up to 400 (no rocks) but I do not care what you say there is no way we (yes we) could kill a 450 with all the damn rocks in the game.

    Life happens.
    In bold I think you mean "without" all the damn rocks in the game.
    I would disagree, my son is 10 years old and does it.

    Anyways, about the life happens thing, you can say this about any game. Say you are in a raid and on the boss, where is the pause button for a raid wipe? Guess we can't have raids right?
    Tell me an MMO where it allows you to go AFK any moment in time and not have any punishment on you? Then also tell me an MMO which is survival based and also allows you to go AFK at any time.
    I mean what if you are in mid combat and your "baby's head hit the floor"? Where is the pause for that? Do you have a rock in your pocket to stand on in Xsyon?
    It is really silly to think game design would be based on random acts of AFK requirements of every person in the world to make a game.
    Rocks need to and are being changed. It is clearly an exploit and ruins a major aspect of the game. Danger, equipment, and combat skill.
    I'm very glad that Xsyon is finally doing something about this issue. There are still many more issues that need to be done like this.
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