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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabent View Post
    I have to agree wit Atavia on this one.

    LIFE HAPPENS! Baby's head hit floor, diapers need changing, phone rings, wife agro, on and on. If there is no place to "pause" the game then we have to log off every time life happens. If this is a true sandbox game then anyway a player finds to play it than GOOD! We are not top of the food chain because we did find ways to kill things bigger than us. If no rock why not build a short narrow fence trap the bear and kill him like a cow. That's what I did. I needed bear bones so I got some. I have now moved on to fighting bears in the open. WAY to much fun to just use fires. Those who use the rocks will move on just like I did. We all have to start some where.

    No way to "pause" means logging off every time some little thing happens. If that's the case it will become just to much of a pain in the ass to log back on. Leave the rocks the way they are we ALL use them from time to time. If you don't like hunting from a rock, don't hunt from a rock. If you don't like others hunting from rock, don't watch them. Are they going to kill the bears? At 100hp I can kill bears under and up to 400 (no rocks) but I do not care what you say there is no way we (yes we) could kill a 450 with all the damn rocks in the game.

    Life happens.
    In bold I think you mean "without" all the damn rocks in the game.
    I would disagree, my son is 10 years old and does it.

    Anyways, about the life happens thing, you can say this about any game. Say you are in a raid and on the boss, where is the pause button for a raid wipe? Guess we can't have raids right?
    Tell me an MMO where it allows you to go AFK any moment in time and not have any punishment on you? Then also tell me an MMO which is survival based and also allows you to go AFK at any time.
    I mean what if you are in mid combat and your "baby's head hit the floor"? Where is the pause for that? Do you have a rock in your pocket to stand on in Xsyon?
    It is really silly to think game design would be based on random acts of AFK requirements of every person in the world to make a game.
    Rocks need to and are being changed. It is clearly an exploit and ruins a major aspect of the game. Danger, equipment, and combat skill.
    I'm very glad that Xsyon is finally doing something about this issue. There are still many more issues that need to be done like this.
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    I do not understand people who object to others using rocks as a safe spot from animals. If you do not think rocks should be used that way, then don't use them. Does it somehow affect your game play if I choose to fight an animal from a rock? It seems now to simply be a choice not something that needs to be fixed. Let rocks remain safe spots for people who choose to use them. Anyone who objects can simply not jump on a rock. Not sure this is really something that needs to be changed. I'm slowly getting the hang of hunting and believe things with the animals are fine as is.
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    Does it effect me? Yes it does. It effects the economy and dynamics of the game.
    That would be like saying "I don't understand people who object to others hacking the client, if you don't want to hack the client don't use the hack. Does it somehow effect your game play if they choose to hack the client? It seems now to simply be a choice not something that needs to be fixed"

    It's really absurd how people can believe that an exploit where there is no risk of anything should be legal. If this is meant to be ok, why even have animals do damage at all? It boggles my mind someone could even have the belief that an exploit and bug like this can be seen as "OK" by anyone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    no need to remove them, just full hp reset if a player reach a boulder.
    This gets my vote if you are simply using a rock to hide from a creature because you dont want to fight it (anymore)
    then you will have no issue with it resetting its hp.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Nuts you do make a half way decent point. Only half. Your comparison of using a rock to attempt to kill a creature -vs- asking a guide to give you the resources is dismissed because it's too funny.

    At best there are too many variables on both sides but the chief one being that you may not be successful even while using the rock (from my experience).

    Don't get me wrong, I understand your opinion that this type of thing is considered an exploit in other games but in THIS GAME, with the POPULATION as it is and is likely to be, given it's history since it was released as a long standing feature, taking all kinds of players and options into account I do not see how, here, it can be viewed this way. No one has made any unbalancing gains from this issue. (except perhaps the ones lobbying to have it removed?)

    Rocks to avoid armor decay is a partially valid point. When I deem it necessary to use a rock I do not avoid every attack and still get hit. So while the hits I take might be lessened I do not escape armor decay it is only moderated. (Here could lie a creative and delicate alternative fix/improvement..)

    Any given player should have the choice to play any and every aspect of the game the way they choose to play it (within TOS). That is one of the primary definitions of a sandbox. The best have many different ways to achieve any objective to accommodate all types of players. I see rocks as very good EQUILIZER. It gives some players a chance to be moderately successful hunting creatures above there ability. The claims that anyone can kill anything using rocks are vastly exaggerated from my experience and lead me to be suspicious of those who make this argument.

    In two years of playing this game I have used rocks quite often. I have had in my possession roughly one dozen 1.00% 1.00 bones of any kind, ever. I invite Xsyon to verify this statement if he chooses.

    Please explain to me how this in any way unbalances or disrupts the game? On second though, never mind, you cannot. It only adds to it as an possible option when more members are not available.

    And, yes I just wasted my time typing this.
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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    Sorta back on topic. Pwn you made me remember.

    Why the heck are rabbits able to kill players? Rabbits should not even remotely have a chance of killing a player. A battle with a rabbit should end in 2 ways.
    1)Rabbit dies.
    2)Rabbit runs away.

    Seeing a rabbit kill a player (sometimes in as little as 3 hits) is absurd.

    Next is players need to know about where to find animals that fit their skill levels.
    Finding animals that kill them in 2 hits where they find animals that they can fight is very hard on players learning a game's combat system that is not normally done in MMOs.
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    IMO, animals should be afraid of fire, if a campfire is made, it should keep animals away. I dont know if this has already been posted.. but just my 2 copper

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    My thoughts on rocks and creature combat AI in general. With rocks as-is or without rocks at all this should *mostly* resolve both the need for relative safety in the field and removal of the exploit.

    Normal creatures should flee from fire if not aggroed or fleeing and should be weighted to flee if they are aggroed with the weight inversely proportional to % of remaining HP. This makes finding a safe spot possible, but not granted by the terrain. Nor would it guarantee safety for an active hunter. Mutants should not be deterred by fire; exploring high and extreme danger areas should be risky, even for a team of skilled hunters. The range at which creatures flee from fire might vary depending on their attraction to towns.
    [Can't this be used to herd game? Sure, why not? Using fire to drive game towards traps or hunters is older than agriculture.]

    Creatures should flee from a ranged attack or from any attack coming from an opponent they can not see -- even if it means crossing a fire.

    A fleeing creature should ignore fire until it resets.

    Creatures that are not aggroed or fleeing should heal as fast as a sleeping player.

    Aggroed creatures that can not see their target should reset (and start healing at a faster pace).

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